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Eat What You Love Love What You Eat How to Break Your Eat Repent Repeat Cycle

Posted Sep 01 2010 6:53pm

Eat What You Love Love What You Eat How to Break Your Eat Repent Repeat Cycle

Do you regularly deprive yourself, succumb to temptation, feel guilty, and then start the process all over again? If so, you need this book. Dr. Michelle May will guide you out of the food-focused, diet-driven downward spiral that leads you to eat, repent, and repeat. She offers a powerful alternative: stop being afraid of food and start eating mindfully and joyfully.

No more rigid rules, strict exercise regimens, questionable drugs, or food substitutes. This book will soon have you eating the foods you love without fear, without guilt, and without bingeing. Create the healthy, energetic, and vibrant life you deserve.

Called ”the antidote to ineffective dieting,” Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat is a rare prescription for optimal health of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. After twenty years of yo-yo dieting, physician Michelle May discovered a peaceful, joyful relationship with food. Now Dr. May will show you how to resolve mindless and emotional eating and break free from your eat-repent-repeat cycle.

With uncommon sense and a powerful mind-body approach to healthy living, Dr. May helps you rediscover when, what, and how much to eat without restrictive rules. You’ll learn the truth about nutrition and how to stop using exercise to earn the right to eat. You’ll finally experience the pleasure of eating the foods you love–without guilt or bingeing.

In down-to-earth language that conveys her compassion for people who are sick of overeating and dieting, Dr. May offers you unconventional strategies for eating fearlessly and mindfully. With your new, powerful patterns of thinking, you ll live the balanced, vibrant life you desire.

Looking for Am I Hungry? What to Do When Diets Don’t Work? We are sorry but that book is now out of print and has been replaced by the greatly revised, updated, and expanded new version, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle. While Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat is based on the same key concepts to guide readers out of yo-yo dieting, it also includes new tools and strategies, new chapters and topics (including head hunger, emotional eating, fearless eating, mindful eating, and mindful exercise), personal stories from Dr. May and her patients, dozens of recipes from Dr. May s husband, Chef Owen, and much more. (Note: Some of the reviews below were for Am I Hungry? and may still be useful for helping you decide if this is the right approach for you.)

Praise for Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat ”There is much wisdom embedded in this eminently practical book. Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat is a valuable guide for those seeking freedom from struggles with food and dieting.”
Anita Johnston, PhD, author of Eating in the Light of the Moon, director of ‘Ai Pono Eating Disorders Programs

”Throw away all your diet books and replace them with Dr. Michelle May’s Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat–it is fabulous, comprehensive, and the last book most dieters will ever need to break free of their dieting cycle.”
Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD

Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat gives the recipe for joyous and healthy eating.”
Joe Scherger, MD, vice president for Primary Care, Eisenhower Medical Center; clinical professor of family medicine, University of California, San Diego

”An increasing number of experts have gotten on the non-diet bandwagon. Dr. May has taken it to a whole new level by creating a simple and compelling mind-heart-body approach that brings pleasure back to eating.”
Margaret Moore (Coach Meg), founder and CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation

4 Stars Not a prescription to eat everything in sight!
I was a little bit skeptical of this book; I have tried before to “eat whatever I want” without success; but I have also tried so many diets. I wanted to get out of the diet cycle, as I felt like I was doing more harm to myself mentally and physically. As I read this book, I realized that I do know how to eat healthy; I just let external factors tell me that I am not doing it right. And in a way, it’s easier to just follow a diet plan-until I “cheat” and feel guilty.

What I liked about this book is the information the doctor gives around nutrition and exercise. The doctor is not saying you HAVE to do anything; in order to make food choices, however, it is good to know what’s available to you and what is going on inside of your body when you make those choices.

Before I spent hours obsessing about what I was going to eat-sometimes it would take me 2 days to plan meals because I didn’t want to go off whatever diet I was on. When I wasn’t planning, I was constantly thinking about food.

The book is a good beginning for those who may want to know about eating healthfully without dieting as well as for those people (like me) who are chronic dieters. This book is a great guide to re-focusing on what’s important: my own sense of self, being healthy and taking care of the body I was born with no matter the size.

5 Stars Changing the way I think about eating
This book is succinct and to-the-point. It really is a very simple concept: use hunger to tell you whether or not it’s time to eat, and stop when you’re full.

It is such a relief to be freed from all of the hype and commotion that is hurled at us in the media about dieting and nutrition. I now realize that those are all gimmicks to try to get us to buy something. This book is not just another gimmick. It is an honest guide to healthy eating habits.

Overall I highly recommend this book if you’re suffering from anxiety stemming from being obsessed with dieting, and “healthy” eating. This book teaches you that staying in shape is really a lot easier than you ever would have thought.

I’m only about halfway done reading this book, and it is already completely changing my perspective. I couldn’t wait until the end to post a review. From the very first page, it’s like she was describing me. Every day I read this book, I learn something new and change a little bit about myself, whether it’s my way of thinking, feeling, acting… I have struggled for what seems like all my life with food and yo yo dieting. It’s like I’ve been wrapped up in chains fighting to break free. I finally feel like there’s hope, like the chains are falling. Take this book seriously. Do what she recommends. It will work!

5 Stars A Must Read
If you have ever, in your life, struggled with food, weight, body image or all three – this is the book you MUST read. I know there are a lot of other books out their, diets, food plans, solutions, etc – this is what you need to read.

5 Stars This is the book that turned the “light” on for me.
After 20 years of yo yo dieting and gaining or losing the same 25 pounds, I’ve found a way to decrease the amount of food I consume through this book. I am so “sold” on the way concepts are conveyed that I’ve bought 3 more books for loved ones that are struggling with their weight as well. And, I’ve lost 22 pounds during the last 3 months!

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