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Eat Well during Summer Vacation with these 7 Tips!

Posted Aug 06 2010 11:35am
How is your summer going? As with many people, summer is the time for lots of family vacations to take place away from home.

Do you find it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits when you are away? It is a lot easier to resort to fast food and unhealthy snacks.

In the past week, I have been to the beach for a few days and am now working on moving across the country for my husbands job.

I have had my share of challenges this past week with keeping up my healthy eating. I love whole-fresh foods and can really feel the difference when I eat processed or fast food compared when I eat the whole foods. However, that didn’t stop me this past week taking a “healthy eating vacation”.

I am sure a lot of you know the feeling of eating well verses eating junk. How do you feel when the sugar level in your body spikes after eating that candy, cookies, or ice cream and then crashes leaving you sluggish and looking for more food? How about eating that greasy fast food and feeling crummy the rest of the day?

Eating healthy on vacation can be a challenge to any family. You go on vacation to get away and that often means getting away from cooking! 

So, how do you eat better on vacation without having to be a slave to the kitchen?

Here are 7 simple strategies for eating better on vacation:

  1.  Hit up the fruit and vegetable stands! I noticed on vacation this past week, there were quite a bit of farmer’s markets or even stands on the side of the road for fresh produce. Do some homework before you go on vacation to see what the area you are going to has to offer. This allows for some awesome fresh food to enjoy during the summer months that do not require any preparation time.
  2. Check out the local grocery store if you do not find local produce stands. Hit up the produce section in the grocery store and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables for the summer heat!
  3. As most of us do, eating out in a restaurant is one of the treats to going on vacation. When you do eat out, choose chicken or fish for your main dish if fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, or seeds aren’t available in main dishes.
  4. Also, when eating out, choose grilled or baked meat over smoked or fried. This dramatically reduces the fat and unhealthy ingredients in your meat!
  5. For a great snack option, mix some dried fruits, nuts, and seeds together to create “trail mix” which is an awesome a filling snack. (If you are not so sure about it, add some m&ms even though they aren’t healthy but will allow you to eat more of the healthy snacks)
  6. For a great healthy lunch, make sandwiches with grilled chicken and fresh vegetables or healthier yet, use a natural nut butter such as peanut butter with fresh vegetables! Make sure you get 100% whole grain bread! Serve with some fresh fruit! Sure beats burgers and fries on a hot summer day and you will feel great afterwards!
  7. Enjoy local cuisine! If you are at the beach, go for more fish so it is fresher and tends to be healthier than food that has traveled great distances. The fresher the food to that area, the better your food will be in nutrients! Plus, it usually tastes awesome!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer! Make sure you enjoy lots of fresh and local produce!

YOUR TURN! What are some food experiences your family has had on your summer vacations? Do you have any ideas for eating healthy while away from home? Let me know by leaving a comment at and don’t forget to “share the love” by sharing this post to your friends because I would love to hear the ideas your friends have as well!

To your health journey success,

Amber Keinath

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