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Eat Well at a Spanish Restaurant

Posted by Heather J.

Did you know that the popular Spanish dish paella could contain more than 1,000 calories. Yikes! Even tapas, those deceptively “small plates? Can be dangerous, as some of those tiny dishes are made with sausage or deep-fried. You can, however, dine well at a Spanish restaurant without eating a day’s worth of calories. Lean toward Ensaladas (salads, with dressing on the side), roasted or grilled vegetables and meats, Gazpacho, and most fish and chicken dishes made with tomato or other vegetables. Watch out for sangria (it’s sadly loaded with calories), Morcilla (blood sausage), large portions of Manchego, Cabrales, or any cheese dishes or deep-fried foods, and dishes based on lots of rice and/or fatty meats.

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I love Spanish/Mexican food but don't really know how to order it and get something that I really like. This gives me some great ideas to apply next time I am looking over a Spanish/Mexican menu. Oh, Lay!
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