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Eat This Not That The Best and Worst Foods in America The No Diet Weight Loss Solution

Posted Nov 25 2010 5:15am

Eat This Not That The Best and Worst Foods in America The No Diet Weight Loss Solution

Book Description
Did you know that choosing one fast-food milk shake over another can save you 2,000 calories? That’s right. The difference is an entire day’s worth of calories. Make a swap once a week and you’ll save nearly 30 pounds in one year. And that’s just the start.

Eat This Not That! The Best (& Worst!) Foods in America! lists thousands of the fastest and easiest ways to cut calories quickly while still eating all the foods you love. All you need is a smart insider’s guide. And now, the right choices are simple. You’ll discover:

Arm yourself with the ultimate weapon in winning the war on fat. Learn how you can make simple and smart eating changes today that will reshape your body and your life in as little as 7 days.

Avoid Dietary Disasters with Nutrition Guides from Eat This Not That! Best (& Worst!) Foods in America!
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5 Stars Great Tool!
This book is a great tool to know the do’s and don’ts of different foods. If you’re counting calories this book will help arm you with the knowledge to make your diet a lot less like a diet.. WE LOVE IT!

5 Stars Can help you make better food choices
If you love to eat but would like to lose a few pounds with little effort, this book can help you make better food choices. One can learn about the “40 Best & Worst Beers in America” and the “Best Snacks in America” with glossy full-color pictures of every food and beverage featured and exclamation points galore. Frozen foods, pizzas, burgers, desserts and many other well-loved treats get the full analysis. Making better choices in the grocery store, mall food court and restaurant can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

5 Stars Wow…enlightening series
These books will make you think before you order/eat. Learn great subs to make little changes that matter in your diet.

We have several of these books and I refer to them all the time and even my kids have read or thumbed through them–even my seven year old quoted the book and one of the suggestions in the supermarket recently, so they are easy to read and great books.

5 Stars Eat This Not That
Very informative. To save thousands of calories by eating similar, but different menu items…well worth the $$.

5 Stars Superior Presentation of Essential Information!
Eat This Not That! (The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution) is highly informative for everyone, but life-changing for many! I’ve been reading health books for many years. Without a doubt, this book is up at the top of the list because of the accessability and quality of the information.

For those of us living in the real world, presented with real choices in a life on-the-go, the authors have zoomed in on the real issues we face every day. Yes, we will sometimes eat a candy bar, no matter how we intellectually understand that it’s bad. However, there is bad, and there is much, much worse. The finest example of this is the Twix 2-ounce package, that delivers not just candy, but enough fat to rival ELEVEN SLICES OF BACON. Now, that is the kind of information that could prevent a heart attack!

Make no mistake — the book is helping us choose between (as per this example) from an array of snack foods. It’s not about Twix bars vs. a head of steamed cabbage. Also, when the food industry labels some items in a way that suggests the product is “healthy,” it is sometimes anything BUT. I consider myself to have an awareness of what’s good and bad, and this book has given me reason to take even more time to stop and read those “healthy” labels.

This book will also help you select the best in restaurants, fast-food, beer, salads, pizza, drinks and more. There’s also information on the best foods to fight high blood-pressure, high cholesterol and blood-sugar issues. The issues addressed are extensive!

My greatest satisfaction was in giving this book as a gift to a friend, who commented, “I had no idea that I was picking out all the wrong stuff.”

Mission accomplished! This book is worth every penny!

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