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Eat Smaller Portions More Frequently

Posted by Stephanie B.

Americans tend to eat way too much in one sitting. Part of the problem is that when we dine out, we are given these huge mega-platters of food and then expect this as a standard portion. Well, food portions have increased dramatically in the U.S. in the past 40 years. To battle your bulge (and to feel better after a meal), don't eat everything offered to you. If you are at a restaurant, eat half and then save the other half for a snack later or lunch the next day. Nibble on a few healthy snacks throughout the day so you aren't as hungry when it comes time for dinner. There is no need to eat a monster portion just because it happens to be available. Train your stomach to want less and soon you will find it hard to finish your dinner.
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It's not just at restaurants that the portions are out of control. I do the same thing at home. It's really hard to eat very small portions throughout the day. Sure, if I'm eating only for health that's one thing, but what about the other meaning surrounding food? How can you sit down to a nice family meal when you're only eating a tiny portion? How can you linger over lunch with a friend if it's just an apple and a slice of cheese? This is a tough balance I think. I know we're supposed to eat small portions several times a day, but who has time for all that preparing of itty-bitty meals? Also, when I've tried to eat that way I never felt as if I'd really eaten a meal - just snacked! It's frustrating...
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