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Eat Right 4 Your Type The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy Living Longer and Achieving Your Ideal Weight

Posted Sep 10 2010 12:15am

Eat Right 4 Your Type The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy Living Longer and Achieving Your Ideal Weight

Outline If you’ve ever wondered why the latest fad diet doesn’t work for you… well, there are lots of reasons, mostly the fact that it’s a fad diet. But it could also be that you’re the wrong blood

5 Stars eat right for your blood type
Great book. Great resource. Book has been popular for a long time. Great to pick up a couple of used books for a vaction and recreational reading.

5 Stars Froim a skeptic-this is NOT woo!
First, a note to those starting out: DO follow the sample three day plans laid out by a nutritionist in the book. Do plan your meals until you really have a feel for this. Follow the variations in those three days, eventually figuring out how to fill in your own blanks.

I have been eating according to my blood type for 10 weeks. I went cold turkey. As a type B, this wasn’t difficult. To be honest, I wanted to rave about this book on third day, when I started feeling terrific, but I decided to wait.

-I have lost two dress sizes without counting calories, measuring portions or paying for a diet plan. I have exercised no more or less than before.

-Fibromyalgia has not gone away, but I am in far less pain, and have gone from being bedridden in pain to only one minor flare up in the ten weeks since starting. This change is huge. I cannot express how chronic pain brings you down and interferes with all aspects of your life. This is minimal now.

-My metabolism is working. My body temp went up from 96 to a gloriously normal 98.7. I was sluggish, slow, cold all the time, wouldn’t even sweat after 40 minutes on the treadmill. I’m normal again! Now, when I exercise, I sweat, and now finally, my normal portions are resulting in weight loss, not weight gain.

-Regulated and painless female cycles.

-energy and endorphins galore!

-hypoglycemia gone

I think the science should be investigated more deeply with this diet. I am an avowed skeptic, but at the recommendation of several medical doctors I decided to try. I will never regret it. I would never trade how I feel for the foods I gave up. I don’t even crave them. I have to remember to eat, and after I do, I feel wonderful. I am the third person in my family to have great, real, measured success in chronic health issues and weight on this plan. A dear friend of mine with rheumatoid arthritis started eating for her type–which I will note, the author says he sees most frequently with A’s like her. She has had a remarkable improvement as well, enough to keep her off dairy and meat, her previous favorites.

5 Stars What an amazing book!!!
On the recommendation of a friend who is a personal trainer, I purchased this book. I have been studying nutrition and good healthly living for 25+ years and was eating so many of the “good nutritous foods” which so many diets and nutritionist recommend for healthy eating, but still had low energy rate, over weight, digestive problems, unable to sleep through the night, allergies and leg and foot cramps at night. I was also taking all kinds of “good supplements” to help keep me healthy, but still suffered with these problems. I am 60+ years of age and fairly active for my age.

After reading this book, I thought, “This makes so much sense to me, we are not all alike and the advice given by so many nutritionist who are in the “know” about what is healthy eating was not working for me and so many of my friends and famly.” So I decided to give it a try, after all results is what matters!!

I started on this plan on May 15 and its now July 21st and I have now lost 24 lbs, my digestive problems disappeared after a couple days, my engery level is that of someone much younger, I’m sleeping through the night, my mind is very alert, no more bloating and tiredness. Results is always what matters and the results have been just as predicted in the book. Being a constant skeptic and testing results on just about everything and seeking out the truth, I tested the results a couple times by eating the foods to avoid and within 15 minutes of eating those foods, I was feeling terrible, espeically after eating “good whole grain wheat”, cheese and yogart, dubbling over with stomach pains…

I’ve read the reivews of those who don’t believe this to be true, (because lack of “research”). I believe in “results” and the results have been down right amazing. I’ve shared this book with so many of my co-workers, family and friends and they too are getting the same “results.”

Start the plan and see if the results are positive for you too! Also, do your own tests (eat the foods to avoid after being off them for a couple weeks and see what those results are too!

To your success in finding truth and well being!!

1 Star Blood Test Eldon Cards – Tested Twice did NOT work – FAIL
Eat Right 4 Your Type Home Blood Typing Kit with Eldoncard Forget about the book, I can’t even find out what my blood type is. I purposely bought two cards in the event that the first time didn’t work, but even after following directions with help, both cards turned up two different answers and neither were choices of blood types. I’d love to read the book but it’s useless without knowing what type I am and it’s too expensive to get the test done at the hospital. I spent $20 on the two cards and they both FAILED me. Not impressed.

5 Stars Eat Right 4 Your Type…
Well written and organized book based upon tangible data. To be broken down by blood type, gender, ethnicity, and cabon footprint (okay, I’m kidding about the carbon footprint), this book has some interesting data that seems plausible and after dropping 10lbs in 2 weeks doing nothing but eating “highly beneficial” foods, it was a bit scary to see how eliminating chicken and not avoiding red meat could have done that for me.

I have recommended the book to my family, friends, and co-workers.

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