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Eat more fish!

Posted by Tamar F.

It's been all over the news that eating fish, especially high-fat fish, has so many health benefits! Yes, the special omega-3 fats found in wild salmon, mackerel, tuna, sable, sardines, herring and anchovies are just the ticket to better looks and even, better health. According to prominent dermatologist and author Dr. Nicholas Perricone, these type of fish have anti-aging qualities for the skin and also help lower stress chemicals in the body. Omega-3's seem to lower the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Makeup artist George Masters recommends a fish and water diet for a week to drop a few pounds. Fish and water? sounds Biblical! Unfortunately for vegetarians, even fatty acid-rich flaxseed doesn't have all the benefits of fish. Dr. Perricone believes that there are micronutrients and fatty acids yet to be isolated and discovered that account for the differences. So, give fish a fighting chance. Like "Green Eggs and Ham," maybe you need to try it in many different forms to find the fish you like. Sushi is very mild and tender, while maybe you appreciate the flakiness and fish cocooning of a baked casserole. There's always a simple mashed fish salad - and remember, there's more to a sandwich than tuna. I love fresh fish with a squeeze of lemon or lime, seviche style.
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One thing to note is that, even though eating fish is supposed to be really good for you, there are some areas of water that are polluted. It's important if you're going to eat a lot of fish to determine where its coming from and what type of chemicals will be in it. May be best to stick to farm raised, organic fish...
I agree, CLR, that you have to be careful about mercury levels. Eating farm-raised fish might help avoid that, but it creates an ecological disaster. It's best to avoid the fish that are known to have high quantities of mercury and other pollutants, and still stick to wild-caught fish. Go to Seafood watch at to find out what to eat and what to avoid.
I always say I never eat enough fish. It's hard to at home, since my boyfriend won't eat it, and I truthfully am a little nervous about cooking it (haven't done it yet, so I want to be sure that it's cooked well enough and won't get me sick.) But ever since I heard of the great benefits that food and seafood brings a few years back, I've been so prone to ordering it out on the menu. And if they embellish it with a lot of other sauces, I've been known to ask for it without it just to make sure I'm treating my body right.
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