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Eat fruit, but don’t eat large amounts

Posted Nov 29 2009 10:02pm


Although fruits are important to everyone’s diets, too much can actually be quite alarming in sugar intake.

Basically, this is a case of not overdoing anything.

By digesting too many fruits in your daily diet, many serious symptoms can occur and lead to a variety of health problems in the future. Here are some of them:

Insulin resistance: Some fruits such as melon and berries are high in fructose, a form of sweetener also known as fruit sugar. With a high consumption of fruit you may develop an insulin resistance.

Weight fluctuation: You will find with a diet of too much fruit that you may not be able to maintain your weight because of the amount of sugar.

Diabetes: There is a lot of sugar added to canned fruits these days. Many of these sugary delights are packed with additional glucose that could lead to diabetes.

Kidney disease: Many fruits such as bananas, kiwis and oranges contain an abundance of potassium and when you consume more potassium than your body needs, there is a risk of developing kidney disease if your kidneys can’t remove all the extra potassium in your body.

Heart problems: Too much fruit consumption of this can cause your heart to slow down or speed up irregularly or even cause the heart to stop working because of the potassium content.

Dental problems: Your teeth may start to decay from too much fruit.

Loss of muscle: With a heavily fruit based diet you may see yourself start to lose muscle tissue.

The lesson here is quite simple: you do want to eat fruits in your diet on a daily basis, but you do NOT want to overdo it!

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