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Eat Chinese Without Destroying Your Diet

Posted by Heather J.

Chinese food, with its vegetables and small pieces of meat, shows all signs of a healthy dinner-out option. But break out the chop sticks with caution! Chinese foods can be loaded with sugar and salt. An order of Lo Mein can have as much salt as a large pizza, and even stir-fried vegetables can have over 2,000 mg of sodium: about a day's quota of salt. Kung Pao Chicken can have as much as 76 grams of fat in an average serving—more than a whole day's amount. Add to that mounds of rice and noodles, and you’ve got enough food for a few days! For a healthier alternative, steer clear of deep-fried batter coatings and choose stir-fried seafood and vegetables. Eat the meat and vegetables, but leave much of the sauce behind. Choose an entree that has double the amount of vegetables to meat, and scoop up only 3/4 cup of rice (preferably brown, not fried or white). Finally, stay away from dishes based only on rice or noodles. Good ideas: stir-fried shrimp or vegetables, steamed vegetables, and steamed brown rice. Not so good ideas: fried rice, orange crispy beef, Szechwan shrimp (breaded or deep-fried), fried egg rolls, beef or pork dishes, sweet and sour dishes (especially those with fried meat), lo mein, chow mein, dumplings, and Chinese spare ribs. Save room for a fortune cookie.

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