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Easy Eating Tips for Healthier Skin

Posted by Nirmala N.

If you're noticing breakouts or other signs of problem skin, the answer might be as simple as watching what you eat. Here are a few easy-to-incorporate food tips that'll have everyone complimenting your dewy, soft skin in no time! 1) Go easy on the alcoholic beverages; they dehydrate the skin and can cause inflammation as well. 2) Eat more carrots--carotene, it goes without saying, isn't just great for your eyes--it's a heaven-sent skin saver. 3) Eat lots of leafy green veggies, especially spinach, which has more carotene than mere lettuce. 4) Eat at least three servings of fruit per day--if you don't have time to get it fresh, try frozen or canned peaches, apricots, and blueberries.
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