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Easter Time: Ban the Bunny, Skip the Sugar Shock (Candies Galore) & Bring On Fun Toys Instead

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:12pm

With Easter around the corner, here's an article I wrote to help adults make this holiday a safer, healthier one for their children.

Easter: Ban the Bunny, Skip Sugar Shock (Candies Galore) & Bring on Fun Toys Instead

By Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C.

It's time for the sweet Easter bunny with the cute cotton tail to hop around, proferring colorful candies galore to non-suspecting kiddies around the nation, who will undoubtedly gorge on these sweets in obscene quantities.

It's sugar shock time. And that spells danger galore!

Parents, did you know that all those jelly beans, marshmallow treats and pastel-colored candies could turn your children into "Sugar Brats" or "Sugrats"?

In other words, when your kids overload on sugar on a holiday such as Easter (or any other day), they could become cranky, irritable, quarrelsome, spacey, depressed, hyperactive, rowdy, raging and even tantrum throwing?

And did you know that, over time, your sugar-overloading kids could develop obesity, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes?

So this Easter Sunday (which, incidentally is the second biggest candy-eating holiday, falling just behind Halloween), don't become an unsavory, health-ignoring "Sugar Pusher."

Skip the nutrient-lacking sweets. Ditch the dangerous "treats" that could lead to type 2 diabetes and more.

Instead, honor your children's moods, health and waistlines. Let them hunt for fun, non-edible treats instead.

Here are 70 non-edible ideas, most of them low priced, which you can place in your children's Easter baskets. They're sure to bring a smile on your children's faces -- and they won't hurl your young ones into sugar shock.

1. Tiny frisbees
2. Slinky® or Slinky, Jr.
3. Small bottle of bubbles
4. Bunny-themed finger puppets
5. Movie passes
6. Video rental coupons
7. Jump rope
8. Kazoos
9. Whistles
10. Play-Doh®
11. Silly Puddy® (or pastel-colored puddy in an egg-shaped container)
12. Baseball cards or other trading cards
13. Tiny, stuffed, squeaking chick
14. Small stuffed bunny
15. Action figures (Indians, cowboys or your kids’ favorite characters)
16. Pedometers
17. Marbles
18. Balloons
19. Plastic rings
20. Plastic bracelets
21. Small notebooks
22. Lip gloss
23. Sample perfume
24. Fun bookmarks
25. Colored crayons
26. Colored pencils
27. Colored chalk
28. Magic markers
29. Colorful erasers
30. Playing cards (See the Nick Jr. ones with Dora, The Explorer or other characters.)
31. Small tube of hand lotion (available in 99 cents section of some stores)
32. Dice
33. Squeeze balls or other balls
34. Toy cars or planes
35. Game of jacks
36. Hair scrunchies
37. Hair clips
38. Packet of flower or vegetable seeds
39. Decorative shoelaces
40. Small water pistols
41. Temporary tattoos
42. Yo-yos
43. Foreign coins
44. Stickers and Stencils
45. Novelty key chains (such as key chains that light up)
46. Fun-shaped magnets
47. Paperback book
48. Tiny gift books
49. Small bike lights
50. Friendship bracelets
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