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Early Morning and Giveaway winner

Posted Feb 18 2010 5:05am

Good morning everyone! I hope you week is flying by just like mine has been. I keep thinking that it is Tuesday because the week has gone by so fast! Anyways, I know have been a little on again off again with the blog-but again, I am one busy chica! We have so much going on between now and September, you will have to hang in there with me. I know other people have kept up their blog when they planned a wedding, but we have so much more going on besides planning a wedding-so hang in there with me :)

The past few days, my eating habit have changed a lot! I told my brother who is a distributor of Advocare that I would try out the herbal cleanse-with the cleanse, you are supposed to avoid carbs and dairy. You also cannot drink coffee or soda and you are supposed to stay away from sugar. If you do it sugar, they want it to be a natural source of sugar, so eating something like an apple would be good! They really want you to avoid things like candy and cookies while doing the cleanse. I figured-eh it’s only 10 days I think I can make it work.

Well, I am on day 4 and let me tell ya-it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I thought I would be tired from avoiding carbs, but I am not. I actually feel like I have more energy- I know this is just for the 10 days, but I may actually start to cut out some of my carbs. I noticed while reading through some of my blog posts that I really load up on the carbs, maybe I don’t need as many as I thought-or maybe I just need to eat foods that contain good carbs, like whole foods. The part about eliminating dairy-I know this will not stick around forever, I need my greek yogurt! But, all in all, I really like the cleanse and I am surprised by the results already :) What is really surprising me is that I do not have a huge craving for sweets-crazy!

Anyways-onto what I have been eating the past few days. Monday night, I baked some chicken, potatoes and a salad (this was before I knew about the cutting carbs :) ).

I am a firm believer that vegetables are the most important part of dinner. To illustrate this, I put my salad on the same plate as my chicken and potatoes. If you look at my plate, you will notice that my salad is bigger than both my chicken and potatoes combined-as it should be. I do think you need a good amount of protein, but I think veggies are a must in all dinners!

Tuesday morning, I had some cranberry oatmeal (which you can have on the cleanse). For lunch, I had a salad, some turkey and an apple. For dinner, Gregg wanted spaghetti-but I knew it was a bad idea for me so I went to the store and purchased a spaghetti squash-a good carb! Needless to say, I enjoyed my spaghetti squash with a salad and spaghetti sauce :)

For dessert on Tuesday, I cut up one apple and topped it with some pb and cinnamon. I threw it in the microwave for 1 minute and then mixed it all together-verdit: why didn’t I think of this before? It was great!

Yesterday, for breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal. For lunch, I had a salad, some hummus, grapes and some almonds. For dinner, since we couldn’t eat meat, we had breakfast! I made an egg beater scramble with green peppers and mushrooms, had some grapes and half of a vita corn muffin (not too many carbs!)

This morning I will be having some more oatmeal. For lunch, I packed up a salad made with lettuce, celery, green peppers, mushrooms, dried cranberries, turkey and hummus. I also brought an apple and a container of almonds too!

Well, enough about food, lets get to the winner of the Souper Douper giveaway:

Reen commented and also linked the giveaway back to her blog, and this is what she had to say:

Oh, my gosh, my favorite Progresso soup? Hmmm, that’s hard. I have always loved the escarole, and, of course, being a Weight Watcher, the new zero points soups are my favorites right now! I have also tried the black bean soup and that was great too! Please enter me in the giveaway.

Congrats Reen, please email me your address at so we can get this out to you!

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