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EARLY diet

Posted by AregM

DESPITE the escalating cost of living, mothers will not compromise when it comes to their babies’ food. They continue to seek the best value in terms of nutrition, safety and taste, especially infant cereals which form a significant part of many children’s diets, from the age of six months to two or three years. At no stage in life is a good diet so important and the relationship between diet and health so distinct as in early childhood. Your child needs energy and nutrients for his rapid growth and development as well as his activities. Undernourishment will impair his immune system and make him prone to infections and diseases. Lack of calories and nutrients will also result in an irritable and inattentive child who may not learn well. A good brand of cereal would be complete with carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in appropriate amounts to meet the child’s needs. ....Continued on
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