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Dwarf and Miniature Vegetables for Containers

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:47pm

pots_shedR.jpg Miniature, midget, and dwarf vegetables are good selections for container growing. True dwarf varieties at full maturity have edible parts that are smaller in size than ordinary vegetable varieties and cultivars. Miniatures, midgets, and dwarfs differ from vegetables that are sold as "baby" vegetables--those are generally full-sized cultivars picked before maturity. Baby corn, for example, is most often ordinary corn harvested early just as the silk emerges from the husks.


Dwarf and miniatures require little above soil growing space and are well suited for containers. But because the plants and fruits are smaller, these crops can not be expected to perform the kitchen duties or full-sized varieties. Consider dwarfs and midgets for side-dishes or stir-fries.


As for growing miniature vegetables, apart from spacing and often early harvest, normal growing practices apply. Miniature vegetables have the same soil, water, nutrient, and light requirements as ordinary varieties.


This is Part III of a three part series: Part I: Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Containers; Part II: Vegetable Varieties for Container Growing.

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