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Droopy Eyes

Posted Feb 13 2009 5:22pm

The weekend is so close! I am really looking forward to it for a variety of reasons. The three biggest ones?

  1. Friday night blogger dinner (details to come!)
  2. Valentine’s Day:)
  3. Sleep, sleep, sleep

I am definitely feeling the effects of lack of sleep right now. This morning I woke up early for my workout, and it was painful! But I battled through. I went to the gym first and did 40 minutes on the ellipitical, then came back and did the Chest, Shoulders + Triceps workout from P90X. It was my first time doing this one, and it was SO hard. I definitely had to do “easier” versions of the push-ups and couldn’t get through all the reps. Oh well, it’s something to build upon, right? Then I did the Ab Ripper X. Then I was totally “fatigued” - my muscles had nothing left to give, but in a good way! That meant it was time for breakfast.


I had another go at pumpkin oats this morning - mainly because I still have a gigantic jar that I need to use up as soon as possible! I used the same recipe that I used on Tuesday and enjoyed it just as much, too.


Then I had my usual morning “indulgence”:) It really looked like one today!


Hubba, hubba!!

I did some organizing around my room which really means I moved a pile of junk from one end to the other, and then I was off to my day of class. I brought a Pure Protein bar to munch on while learning about the psychology of diversity.


After my classes, I had a couple of group meetings for projects I’m working on over the weekend. When I finally arrived back home, my tum was growling. Then I saw the box addressed to me and smiled.


I received a package of POM Wonderful, which has been making its way around the blogosphere. I can’t wait to try it. I love pomegranates. Thanks to Daniel for sending some my way!

For lunch, I started with leftover tofu fries, which taste even better reheated.


Then I had my newest obsession: Greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder + flax!! Seriously, I can’t get enough. I added 1 tsp. maple syrup for extra sweetness.


And to end on a sweet note, I intended to heat and eat this VitaBrownie. But… I really didn’t like it! It’s weird because I really like the taste of the muffins, but this brownie didn’t do anything for me. I probably had 1/2 of it before deciding it wasn’t worth it.


I spent the rest of the afternoon doing a little homework, a little reading - I’m currently into Angels & Demons, and it’s REALLY scary! - and talked to an amazing blogger on the phone. Then it was time to head to the studio for our sports newscast. I rolled the video, then had some dinner via Panera.


I love the Asian Sesame Chicken salad! I decided to get the full salad instead of my usual You Pick Two. I’m glad I did - it was huge and really filling.


I also opted for the French baguette tonight. It’s so much doughier than the whole wheat one! I know it’s technically “refined” carbs, but it doesn’t hurt a girl every once in a while.


Random Question

What, if any, book are you currently reading?

I’m almost done with Angels & Demons and could use some ideas :)

Have a great Friday! I’ll be back at night with a bloggie dinner recap. Yay!

Peace, love, and Coffee Cocoa,


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