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Drinking wine

Posted by Biruta R.

Did you know that drinking wine raises your triglyceride levels? So, if you are going for a blood test, don’t drink wine 24 hours before the test. It can really elevate the reading.Biruta K.

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When you don't have a blood test, one glass of red wine is good for you and can reduce your risk for heart disease. According to the BBC News Health, "The so-called "Mediterranean diet", which includes a larger intake of wine, has been credited with lower rates of heart disease in those countries, despite a higher intake of saturated fats."
Wine is definitely healthier than hard liquor -- red wine has antioxidants and the alcohol level is lower. Hard liquor, such as whiskey, gin, rum, are as high as 50% alcohol, which acts like a simple carbohydrate in the body. Also, people tend to drink wine paired with food, which helps in digestion.

And if one drinks a glass of wine every day.... ?

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