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Drinking sugar.

Posted Nov 16 2012 9:42pm

So many people think all fruit juices are created equal. But they are not, my friends!! Fruit juices are a great way to get a TON of added sugars, if you aren’t careful about reading the labels!

A couple frightening examples:

One single serve bottle of Minute Maid Apple Juice has 52 grams of sugar!! Thats the equivalent of eating about 25 donut holes from Dunkin Donuts!!

One single serve bottle of Minute Maid Orange Juice comes in with 48 grams of sugar, which is about the same as FOUR cups of Fruit Loops!

One single serve bottle of Sobe Citrus Energy is the same as eating 29 Pixie Stix!!! (63 grams of sugar)

Tropicana Strawberry Banana Burst has 64 grams of sugar, which is the same as eating 21 Tootsie Rolls!!!

It’s really appaling how much sugar is in these drinks, and it’s really not surprising why kids in particular, and every one else loves the taste!! 

But fear not fruit juice lovers, there are alternatives that can cut out the sugar!! Always read the labels, look for 100% Juice or no added sugar versions. Or other alternatives are getting things like Propel or Stevita Fruit Flavored powders you can mix in water. You get more water in the day, and still get the fruit taste you crave without ANY sugar!

Or if you’re like me and are a pretty avid soda drinker, there is still hope! Many regular sodas are coming out with alternatives. For example, Dr Pepper 10 only has 2 grams of sugar per can and 10 calories, as opposed to regular Dr Pepper which has 64 grams of sugar and 250 calories a can! So you can still have your fix, just a little better!! Or they sell carbonated water at the store, so you can get your carbonation fix. The flavored ones taste like fruity sodas, and they have no sugar!!!

Moderation is the key, as with anything…but be careful of what you’re drinking! Sugar goes through a conversion process in the body that eventually leads to excess fat, so cutting it out in any amounts is super helpful and an easy way to watch what you’re eating!

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