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Drinking Cold Water Better

Posted by Kenna M.

Water should preferably be cold?

Reportedly from 1litre -- upper scale bottled water company --, cold water is much faster than warm water when it comes to being absorbed into the system.

I have heard otherwise from books by Robert O. Young -- the alkaline diet guru. That room temperature water is better for the bod.

1liter goes on to report, "And some evidence suggests that drinking cold water can actually help you burn calories."

What are your thoughts on this?

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My son and I did a rather extensive taste test with a dozen brands of bottled water. We found that if we had people taste the water super super cold they couldn't even distinguish between brands, but at room temperature, there were major differences in taste. I also find that when I keep really cold water around my kids drink a lot more of it. I send them to school with frozen water bottles (but you have to wrap them in paper towel so they don't seep).
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