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Drink This Not That The No Diet Weight Loss Solution

Posted Oct 26 2010 9:08pm

Drink This Not That The No Diet Weight Loss Solution

The authors of the best-selling Eat This Not That! series return with the ultimate no-diet treatise on America?s favorite beverages. Beverages now make up nearly 25 percent of the average American?s daily caloric intake?a number that has almost doubled over the past 40 years?and the once-simple decision of what to drink has become complex thanks to an expanding number of beverages in the marketplace. Having tamed eating choices in their best-selling Eat This Not That! books Dave Zinczenko and Matt Goulding now address America?s ever-growing ?drinking problem.Drink This Not That! offers simple no-nonsense advice on the healthiest beverages to drink in any given situation featuring:insider tips and hundreds of nutritional comparisons for dozens of popular chains13 Secrets the Beverage Industry Doesn?t Want You to KnowThe 20 Unhealthiest Drinks in America?and what to drink insteadThe Truth about Diet SodaDrink This Not That! teaches you how to pick the right juices and bottled drinks at the supermarket identify high-quality wines whip up first-class smoothies and healthy cocktails at home and navigate any beverage menu in America.

5 Stars I’m Glad I Bought It
This has also been a big help. Another place where you think you’re drinking something that’s healthy and you’re not.

5 Stars big fan
i love all there books i always find something new eachtime i would try the supermarket guide one if u are pleased with this book teaches u tools to work with.which are sometimes hard to find

5 Stars Finding out what’s really in that drink.
I found this to be very informative and interesting to see how many calories were in my mocha blended coffees.

4 Stars Excellent Product!!
It truly opens your eyes and informs you on things you never knew could help with weight loss.

1 Star Don’t Swallow This
This book is every dieter’s dream come true with its promise you can strip away fat and sculpt a leaner, fitter body “without changing the way you eat or having to exercise.” But don’t give up your gym membership yet. As a registered dietitian with over 30 years of experience in weight management, the only “no-diet weight loss solution” you’ll find here is their advice to drink nothing but tap water.

The biggest shortcoming of the book is the lack of any consistent criteria to explain how beverages landed on the “drink this” or “not that” side. So if your favorite beverage happens to be orange juice or a Margarita, you’ll find it on the drink list in one restaurant and the don’t drink list in another. As products on the market change, this book quickly will become outdated.

Another area that doesn’t make sense is the advice about sweeteners. In my work consulting for food and beverage companies I have read all of the studies about the sweeteners in use today. It is clear the authors have not. For example, they claim the sugar found in fruit, honey and agave is better for you than that coming from cane, beet or corn, when they are all the same. Then they critique every ingredient in energy drinks without acknowledging that sugar is actually the only source of energy in any of them.

Given these fundamental problems with the book, I could not recommend it to anyone.

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