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Posted May 07 2009 8:16pm

I have to say, I feel physically and mentally drained today. Its as if the weight of all that happened in the past two weeks is resting on my shoulders and I have a tension headache. Sorry to be debbie downer, but its just that kind of night!

This afternoon I sipped on some fabulous peppermint tea while I wrote—


Peppermint tea is a favorite of mine. It never fails to calm me down and I’ve drank it for years!

I also snacked on a banana with almond butter a little later—


I went with my parents to grief counseling and it was good….well not “good” but as good as grief counseling can be I guess. I’m glad they took control and made me go with me because I’m much more of a writer than a talker and my previous feelings were why cry to someone else about my problems when it won’t bring John back. However, I do admit it helps to just get it out and the woman I have been working with is amazing and very experienced. She lost her brother, too, so she can relate more with what I am going through than anyone else.

Dinner was simple and satisfying


I made a salad with organic greens, mushrooms and a tomato and drizzled on some homemade balsamic vinegarette (a splash of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a touch of sea salt) and had it with rotisserie chicken breast and a baked sweet potato


+ a small glass of red wine for good measure


We still have so many unopened bottles of wine that friends brought over the week that my brother died….my parents could probably run a liquor store out of their house! I generously took a bottle off their hands ;)

And after dinner, I met Courtney at Berryism for a frozen yogurt treat since I was sort of just wallowing by myself at home and Ryan has a business dinner tonight and won’t be home till late. I got a kid’s size of the all natural green tea yogurt topped with coconut and chocolate chips!


It hit the spot. I love that place.

Now I’m sipping on more peppermint tea and I’m about to take a bath and get in bed even though its only 8:15. I don’t know why I have felt more drained today than any day so far but I guess its just the stress of it all. Tomorrow I was planning on going to yoga but I don’t think my wrist is going to be up to it yet (it STILL hurts, yall!) so I’m going to go to spinning instead and then to IKEA because I finally made a *tiny* list. Nothing big, just some kitchen stuff because my mom and I are cleaning the entire condo all afternoon tomorrow and then our new oven finally arrives tomorrow evening!

Have a great night!

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