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Dr. Berardi’s best female body transformations!

Posted Sep 01 2009 5:31pm


A few months ago Dr. John Berardi opened his Lean Eating Coaching for Women and some of the results his students have gotten are quite stellar.

The great thing about Dr. Berardi’s programs is that even though they are quite advanced, they are used by a wide variety of people from recreational exercisers, to folks suffering from cardiovascular disease and diabetes, to multiple Olympic medalists.

The Lean Eating Coaching for Women is designed to help women accomplish big, inspiring goals – goals they might not achieve without a little help from an expert.

Dr. Berardi’s programs are achieving quite impressive results. In fact, his last two Lean Eating Coaching for Women programs have helped his students lose a staggering 5,000 lbs!

The following photos are the winners of Dr. Berardi’s Lean Eating Coaching for Women challenge. These photos should inspire you and drive the point that weight loss is possible at any age!

>>> Winner: Dashing Diva

* Total Changes:
22lbs and 10% body fat lost

Before/After Photos:



>>> Winner: KathieK

* Total Changes:
21 lbs and 8% body fat lost

Before/After Photos:



>>> Winner: Cynthia

Total Changes:
21lbs and 13% body fat lost

Before/After Photos:


>>> There were more photos, but I found these to be the most dramatic body transformation and I thought I’d highlight those. As you can see these results are pretty impressive and inspiring results …  especially considering this is a lifestyle program.  This is NOT one of those crash-diet- you-skinny-tan-you-up-manipulate-your-body-water-and-then-kick-back-while-you-st to maintain a lean, healthy physique.

Instead, Dr. John Berardi’s program teaches you how to whittle your body fat off while building muscle.  Dr. John Berardi’s program teaches you how to do it on your own FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

In the end, congrats go out to every single woman who participated in the program.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication.  And special thanks go out to all the ladies for letting us share the results of your journey.

The Lean Eating Coaching for Women is closed now, but if you are interested in getting started with Dr. John Berardi and start making life long changes, I’d highly recommend that you check out the foundation of all of his programs: The Precision Nutrition System (skipping this step is like building a house on a foundation of sand.  In other words, get the right plan from the start).

All photos from The Precision Nutrition System

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