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Douglas Quikut 4859 Ginsu 5 Piece Stainless Knife Prep Set Natural

Posted Aug 25 2010 3:42pm

Douglas Quikut 4859 Ginsu 5 Piece Stainless Knife Prep Set Natural

5 Pc Stainless Prep Set

1 Star Useable… but low quality
These knives arrived quickly, however, rather than having 4 unique knives, like the product description said, there was a duplicate knife. While I normally wouldn’t have a problem with this, it now means that this duplicate knife won’t fit into the holder (which has a slot designed for the smaller blade that’s supposed to come with the product). So it sticks out several inches from the holder. Additionally, two of the 4 knives are not very sharp at all. This is not the kind of quality I was expecting.

5 Stars Watch Your Fingers
I received this Ginsu knife set as a Christmas gift. I wanted them because my dishwasher had basically destroyed my wooden handled knives. My husband and I began reciting the infomercials about Ginsu knives that we both had seen growing up when I took them out to use them. We didn’t expect much from them because we both felt that those types of things they sold on television were never as good as the actors made them seem. Also, they were very inexpensive compared to the other knife sets I looked at, which is another reason that I chose them. I didn’t want anyone to spend too much money on me. But the low price made me fear that they might be junk. I am so pleased to say that I was very wrong. These knives are far from junk! I can honestly say they are the best knives I’ve ever owned. They are incredibly sharp and extremely sturdy. In fact, both my husband and I cut ourselves the first time we used them. Now we are VERY careful. I have to admit that I don’t know what one of them is supposed to cut. But it doesn’t matter, because the other three cut everything I need so I’m not too concerned. The quality of these knives is superior!

5 Stars great knifes
The first day i got them i cut my self knives are very sharp and cut very well.

5 Stars Best freakin knives I’ve ever seen
I’ve always been the “$15 knife set from walmart” type person. I finally splurged for a nice set and these things are seriously unbelievable. As a test, I just grazed my arm with one of the knives and it easily sheered all of the (thick, italian) hair from my arm. The handles are heavy and perfectly balanced. Highly, HIGHLY recommend.

4 Stars Very Nice at the discount price
The size of this set works well for me in my kitchen – would recommend it to amateur cooks of limited time and finances – gourmet cooks would of course not be interested in this size of set. A good starter kitchen item. Very sharp and serrated knives are easy care (except do not wash them in the dishwasher!) Most of us just want the knife to work when we need it and don’t want to spend time sharpening. I did take exception to the stated price – $50. I got mine on “sale” for $20. Another example of the confusing price structures out there, with everything in the store way overpriced to start with and then heavily discounted to draw customers and give them an indication that they’re getting a great deal. Still, it drew me in and it’s a very handy and attractive set for my needs.

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