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Posted Mar 21 2011 10:53pm

Dear food blog,

One day I might finish my master’s degree. One day I might find a day job that leaves me a little more time for cooking/blogging. Until that day you guys will be stuck with my sporadic ramblings.

Lately, I havn’t been cooking much.

There was an adventure with Tempeh Helper , a recipe I have been eyeing for a long time from post-punk kitchen. Most people won’t be too tempted by this recipe. Honestly, I don’t know why it sounded so good to me. My mom is a really good cook, and I can confidently say that Hamburger Helper was never cooked in  my home while growing up, but it is definitely one of those things that I always had a weird curiosity about.

donuts 015
It reminds me of the time when I was younger and I begged my mom to buy a box of Trix cereal. Growing up my home was a place of brown cereal. There was cheerios and rice krispies and not a lot else. I was fascinated by all the different cereals I saw on television, but what really intrigued me to want trix cereal is that they were giving away a magic color changing spoon in the box. Now please try and tell me that advertising doesn’t affect children. I would have never asked for (and gotten) that box of trix if it hadn’t have been for that elusive spoon.
p.s. I didn’t even eat the trix. Love fruit, hate fruit flavored things.
So tempeh helper , vegan cheese sauce. Check it out if you are feeling adventurous. It is pretty good.

Also, I must update you on my not so healthy food journeying. My co-worker Kaley and I have often talked about donuts together. It is not so much that I eat donuts, but that I talk about them. After I lost the weight I consciously decided that I was only going to eat donuts once a year. They are one of those things that I just can’t say no to. When Kaley found this out she suggested that we roadtrip to Round Rock and eat the famous Round Rock Donuts . I am always down for A. A roadtrip and B. Donuts.
Six of us from work set out to find the donuts. We arrived. Stood in line for 30 minutes. And then feasted.

donuts 041


donuts 035

donuts 037
Hands down the best fresh, hot glazed donut I have ever eaten.
We may or may not have bought their massive huge super-donut to share….also worth it.
The day was only made supremely better by a Kite Festival in Zilker Park that we frolicked at for the afternoon. It was a great day!


donuts 055

donuts 051

Some of us might have bought short-alls for the occasion…big deal.

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