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Don’t Ever Get Fooled by Fad Diet Books!

Posted May 01 2013 12:15am

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I came across this article today talking about how fad diet books “lure” people into believing that this is the solution to end their weight loss struggles and that they have the ultimate quick and easy way to help people lose weight.

However, as we all know, fad diets don’t work.


Making dramatic changes to our lifestyle and completely altering your habits without really considering if they are right for you is a formula setting you up for failure, And that’s exactly what fad diets are: they demand that you follow strict (and often absurd) rules by explaining and convincing that by doing so you will get the desired results.


And perhaps even if someone is able to lose weight fast on fad diets, hardly is it possible to maintain the results. Unfortunately, many people still fall for the bait, the false hope that they may lose weight fast and forget that the maintenance phase can be the challenging part.


Anyways, like I said, fad diets don’t work. Yet, these books often end up on Bestsellers’Listsand become so popular overnight.


Why? Not because they actually work and help people achieve dietary goals. But rather it is because they have amazing marketing strategies and because they cleverly use tricks to convince people that the diet method proposed is “legit”.


What are these tricks? Find out the 3 major ones on Tricks of the Fad Diet Book Trade .


So now after reading the article, when you come across one of the newest, hot-off-the-press fad diet books, you would be able to pick it up and see through its tricks!



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