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Does the processing of green tea (i.e. Arizona bottling) diminish the benefits of green tea?


What happens to the many benefits of green tea during processing such as the tea that Arizona sells?  Does anyone know how much green tea is actually in Arizona tea percentage wise?  Also heard that drinking milk in green tea diminishes many benefits of it but that adding lemon increase utilization of the anti-oxicants.  Input???  Thanks

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Great questions!  Yes, processing and bottling green tea does indeed diminish the benefits.  First, it must be heated in the process and if that temperature is too high then the live enzymes in the tea will be destroyed.  This means that the catalysts to get the antioxidants into the cells are gone.  Also, sugar and artificial sweeteners in bottled teas usually negate any benefits. 

Milk is not good for the body in any drink, unless it is raw, as it too has been pasteruized and lacks any live enzymes.  Real lemon juice is a good source of antioxidants and good for the liver, but it won't help increase the benefits of green tea that has been destroyed by processing. 

A better way to drink green tea is to brew tea bags in temperatures below boiling.  This will help to preserve the live enzymes so that the body can actually utilize the antioxidants from the Camillia Sinensis plant (green tea).

Thanks! So as long as the water is not boiling, the tea retains its full value?  I brew mine in a "serve as you go" pot so that its ready all day long.  although I finish the whole batch within two to three hours so it doesn't sit too long.... I also heard that it should be drank sooner rather than later after brewing for maximum benefit.

Chris gives a very sound answer.

Generally speaking, foods that are processed are subject to the laws of diminishing returns. The more processing the less that's left for your body. To be safe simply avoid eating anything that comes in a can, box, or package - and good luck to you on that :-)

It is refreshing (no pun intended) to read others with a sensible view on milk products. It is best to drink goat's milk and to do so within 30 minutes of milking. Cow's milk is designed to grow a small thing into a large cow.

Allowing your beverage to sit - beyond a reasonable steeping time of several minutes - is also subject to diminishing returns. Fresh, fresh, fresh. 


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