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Does canned fruit count?

Posted by Jennifer K.

I've heard mixed things about whether canned fruit is good for you.
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I know what you mean!. Who has time to buy fresh fruit all the time? Not me. Unfortunately, I've done a lot of research on healthy foods and the sad truth is that some of the nutrients and antioxidants decline over time. If it's all you got then go for it, but fresh is best! Just make sure you get the canned fruit that is in is own juice or water. The fruit canned in "syrup" is no better than eating candy-- it's so chock full of extra sugars.
Dried fruit?. Hmm... I wonder if canned fruit is comparable to dried fruit since dried fruit (like dried cranberries) tastes really sweet. It definitely is easier to store canned and dried stuff, although something I find helpful and more of an encouragement to eat fresh fruit is making weekly trips to buy fresh fruit a bag at a time. When I come home with a couple of mangoes, blueberries, and bananas, I personally find that having them laying around will encourage me to eat them more - and also knowing that they'll spoil soon if I don't eat them. Then habit kind of turns into an addiction! hehe. "Sturdy" fruit (the kind that don't get easily smashed and can last a little longer without growing fuzz) are usually my picks, like mangoes, blueberries and oranges.
Sugar!!!. Broadly speaking, the vitamin and mineral content of frozen and canned fruit and vegetables is equivalent to that of fresh products, sure they are not as nutritious as the fresh ones but it is about convenience. Fruit and veg are usually frozen or canned very soon after harvesting and so the vitamin and mineral content is often preserved. Different nutrients are affected to different degrees by food processing. Vitamin C and folic acid are very sensitive and levels may even be lower in raw vegetables that have been stored for a few days before consumption compared with frozen. I prefer frozen fruit to canned as there is no additional sugar in it. Also some Vitamin C is lost in the process of canning.
No Way!. Canned fruit from my knowledge doesn't give you anything. It can also have aluminum in it from the can...not something you want floating around your body. Fruit that has been sundried gives you the same amount as regular fruit. Tomatoes, raisins, figs, apricots, as long as they have been sundried, you should be cool!
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