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Does any1 know any o calorie foods.

Posted by Rachael O.

i want some foods i can eat through out the day but i won't feel guilty about eating them?
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The OWT says that celery uses more calories to burn than it has (negative calories), but I was just watching a science show that debunked that theory, and they reported that the only thing that had 0 calories is ice, which has negative calories. Here is what I do though: I drink water with the flavor packets, which are calorie free or minimal calories if you buy the right kind, and have extra vitamins. You can find them on the water or soda aisle. I also eat lots of fruits and veggies throughout the day, like cucumber with salt, carrots, celery, plums, grapes, apples, etc. I put them in premeasured baggies so that I know they are only one serving each so I can add the calories in my food journal. If you don't like your veggies dry, try the spray on salad dressing; those are really lo-cal and they've got tons of different flavors. My favorites is the raspberry vinagerette. If you want to know what the recommended serving of the fruits and veggies are, go to and find your fruit (or veggie) and look at the weight and nutritional info for the NLEA serving size. For example, one NLEA serving of apple is 154 grams and has 80 calories. I pack my lunch the night before and weigh out my food. I make sure it always includes tons of snacks. My food for tomorrow has 685 calories, and has a cucumber, carrots, celery (and peanut butter), a plum, an apple, grapes, and a turkey sandwich.
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