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Do You Use The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Posted Apr 15 2009 11:02pm

Often in our field we get testimonies that exemplify the work we do....this one,  from Sherrie Attilla is amazing!!

Strap yourself in when you read this story and ask yourself,

"Do I know any family that buys "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner from Sam' s Club. 

They need to read this testimony. 

One of my new business associates, Corey Davis, was at his BNI Business Networking ) group in Kalamazoo, MI and at his turn, he was sharing about our awesome Green Clean Product Line   

As the members went around taking their turns, Matthew Rzepka stood to give his 1 minute commercial about his CPA business and stopped and told everyone at the meeting that they really needed to listen to Corey and then shared this testimony. 

He was willing to email it to Corey so everyone could hear about their family's experience and be alerted!!!

Sherrie Attila

  Matthew L. Rzepka, CPA, CFP®  Managing Partner / Owner 

"...At the local Sam's Club, my wife purchased a 4 pack, shrink wrapped, of "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner.  On the way home, in the back of our van, it tipped over, and some leaked out (about half a bottle) on the seat and the carpet because of a hole in the top of one of the bottles.  The seat, the carpet and the underlying steel were all damaged.   

The final resolution: our insurance company totaled the van, because of the spill!  

According to the insurance company and poison control, the fumes from the toilet bowl cleaner made the interior environment of the van permanently unsafe for anyone, especially young children, so we wouldn?t be able to drive the van any more.   

The fumes also corroded any exposed metal in the van and poison control warned over time would ruin most if not all electrical connections.  After the van was cleaned and repaired to the fullest extent possible, it was still determined that eventually, the residual fumes would continue to have a chemical reaction and deteriorate anything left in the van, leaving the van completely useless and unsafe, hence the insurance companies decision to total the vehicle was made."

Allow me to capture the languaging of this testimony:

common toilet bowl cleaner from Sam's Club
carpet and steel damage
insurance and poison control
permanently unsafe for anyone
fumes corroded any exposed metal
fumes eventually will destroy electrical connections
residual fumes will deteriorate anything left in the van
useless and unsafe

glowing toilet flickr image credit

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