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WholewheatpastadishDo you ever spend some or all of a day feeling particularly sluggish, despite having received a full night of restful slumber? Have you ever found yourself cranky and irritable, perhaps a bit stressed, without being able to determine why? You might want to look at what you've eaten, because many foods can have beneficial or adverse reactions to your overall mood.

It is helpful to learn what foods in particular may help increase your daily energy and mental alertness, and what foods you should avoid or consume in minute quantities, in order to avoid slipping into a bad mood, or even a short bout of depression. Today I will share some tips with you.

High Protein is Recommended for Breakfast

Mornings should always begin with a breakfast high in protein. Aside from the particular health benefitsKashicereal2_2 associated with protein, having a high-protein breakfast will help facilitate a quicker metabolism throughout the day, aiding in dieting and weight-loss. Eating foods high in protein will also be beneficial to your mood, as the various amino acids that form the building blocks of protein help to increase your body's energy and raise alertness. For those that love cereal (hot or cold) in the morning, there are several high-protein varieties available such as Kashi; a quality protein shake will also benefit you. Also, see previous post on whey protein for some good ideas.

Protein Rich Foods
Foods that typically contain a large amount of protein are meats, fish, eggs, cheese, beans, poultry, and nuts.

How Carbohydrates Affect Moods
Foods high in carbohydrates can also increase energy for short periods of time, but will ultimately help send your body and mind into a relaxed, calm state. This is because carbohydrates serve to clear the body of amino acids(protein) while also causing your body to release insulin. While eating foods high inWholewheatpastdish2_2 carbohydrates can help reduce stress, it can also cancel the beneficial mood effects of protein-laden foods, so be careful to minimize carbohydrates and instead fill your diet primarily with protein, vegetables and whole grains. If you love pasta, look out for whole-wheat pasta. It is very tasty and a healthier alternative over standard pasta. You will benefit from the protein it provides. Check your local stores. Several brands are available. Also look for high protein snack items to enjoy in the afternoon when you need a little pick me up. A good snack will help hold you until dinner.

EggsNutrient In Eggs Can Bring Mental Prowess
Eggs, high in protein, are also particularly beneficial in regards to mental prowess, aiding in improved memory and increased concentration. This is due to the presence of choline, an active nutrient of eggs that is often lacking in the body.

Selenium May Help Improve Moods If you find yourself susceptible to bad moods and crankiness, then it may be because you are not eating enough foods that contain selenium. While selenium is sometimes contained in certain meats, fish and nuts, such as tuna, swordfish, or Brazil nuts, it mainly comes from a large variety of plant foods. People who are lacking selenium in their diet can find themselves suffering from bad moods and increased anxiety. While consuming foods with selenium can help to return your body to a proper balance, selenium has not been found to put individuals in a better mood.

Folic Acid Can Help Rid Depression
To help rid yourself of depression, be sure to eat foods that contain folic acid. Some foods that containOrangejuice this ever-important mood enhancer are leafy green vegetables like spinach, nuts, seeds, citrus fruits, and poultry, to name a few. Folic acid is part of the B vitamin group, and lacking this vitamin can cause serotonin levels to increase, which is directly related to depression.

Book Resource
For a wealth of information on how eating various foods can affect your mood, you might want to seek out the book Food & Mood: The Complete Guide to Eating Well and Feeling Your Best, Second Edition, by Elizabeth Somer. The book goes into extensive detail and further explains how food is not only connected to your mood, but can also cause reactions related to PMS, fatigue, better sleep, and other mental states of well-being. Just a few easy modifications to your eating habits, could be just the trick to improve your daily energy, mental alertness and moods.

Resource for more information about the many forms of protein

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