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Do You Have A Writing Block?

Posted Oct 30 2012 7:00am
Biz Tips

Do you ever encounter those dreaded moments? The moments when you are on a deadline or truly need to write something but can’t seem to find the words?  I’ve encountered those on many occasions but have found some great solutions.  Hopefully the solutions I share below will help you with your writing block:

  • Take a break – sounds silly, especially if you are on a deadline but it is necessary.  Honestly, sitting at your desk staring at your computer screen or worse yet, a blank sheet of paper is not going to help spark the necessary creativity needed to write.  Move away from your desk or writing area and take a break.  Giving your mind a break will help refresh it.
  • Surf the net – you’ll be surprised at the amount of information that is available at your fingertips.  Take some time and surf your favorite sites {not gaming sites}, blogs, news sites, etc.  Simply reading what others are sharing will help spark your imagination and give you many ideas, and topics on what to write about.
  • Take a poll – not sure what your readers are interested in, ask them.  Using a simple survey method, such as Survey Monkey can provide the information needed for you.  Your readers or the public in general will answer the simple questions you provide to help you with your writing.  Take those answers and develop posts, articles, projects and so much more.  After all, don’t you want to provide to your readers what they truly are interested in?  Makes perfect sense.
  • Hire a ghostwriter – many still struggle with writing or perhaps do not have the time required to write so ghostwriters were invented.  Yes, a ghostwriter can help with your writing needs and the best part is that no one has to know that a ghostwriter is writing your articles, newsletters, helping with eBooks and more.  A ghostwriter is there to make your life easier, so you can focus on other projects, other business and your family.  Consider hiring one, but be sure to interview them and ask for sample writings to be sure that you can work together as a team.  After all, they will be writing for you, so be sure they capture your voice and you are happy with them.
  • Use PLR – for those that are unsure about what PLR is, let me explain.  PLR is short for private label rights and of course that still may not make sense.  PLR’s are articles that have been written for your use.  You can purchase them individually or in bundles and are used to help with your writing needs and projects.  I like to think of PLR’s as skeletal articles, a starting point for you.  PLR articles are not meant to be used ‘as is’.  It is important to change them and add your twist to the articles.  Changing the title and several sentences within the articles are highly suggested.  Remember these articles are available to the masses, so use them as a starting point for your blog posts, newsletter articles, podcast, and larger projects such as power points, eBooks and tele-seminars.  Be sure to research the information contained within the PLR articles to verify they are still valid.  They are great resources and definitely will help when you have the dreaded writer’s block.

 There you have it, tips to help you break out of your writing block mode. 

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