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Do you get enough fruits & vegetables?

Posted by Carolyn P.

With the American diet and fast foods, do you get enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis?
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Sure. I never eat at fast food places. The only time I have a hard time eating fruits and vegetables is when I am super busy. I then stop at Jamba Juice or a health food place and get a wheat grass. Also, the seasons change and so does the fruit and vegetables. I am a real salad lover; lately, the fresh vegetables haven't been all that great.
Eating Fruits & Vegetables. Research has proven that eating enough fruits & vegetables on a daily basis will improve your circulation and immune system. As well protect and repair your DNA. Did you know there is a way to take 17 fruits, vegetables and grains via a capsule or gummy?
Usually. The veggies are easier for me. But I get the fruits in too. Fast food is the killer. The more we cook at home, the better our diets are. Food has become more entertainment than nutrition!
I think so. You know, I really try my best, but I'm not sure. When I was purely vegetarian, I got a lot of fruits and veggies, but I suffered from a huge energy lag because I wasn't getting enough protein. Now that I've balanced it out a bit, however, the fruits and veggies have gone down. I always have at least one serving of veggies with dinner and lunch, but it's harder to get enough fruit. I try to have some fruit in the morning and for dessert but I find that fruits are a bit harder on my system than veggies, so I suspect I don't eat nearly as much as I should.
Not just quantity...quality. It is so important to not just assess how many fruits and veg you are getting, but also the quality. If the produce has been sprayed with millions of chemicals and then traveled 3,000 miles to get to you, only to sit in a room for weeks until put out in the supermarket (it still looks ok because of all the chemicals) then it doesn't really matter how many fruit and veg you eat, you aren't getting enough vitamins and minerals.
It takes planning. I usually get the right amount of fruits and veggies but it takes planning on my part. I always think about what I'm having for meals and schedule the veggies and fruits in to make sure I'm getting enough.
No but I should. I don't much like fruit and I don't have the utmost love for vegetables. Lucky for me, my husband cooks supper around our house (he puts veggies in stir fry and other dishes) AND we discovered smooothies. There's nothing better for someone with little taste for fruit than a smoothie. I enjoy them and EVEN tend to crave them. AND hubby doesn't mind making them for me either!
Most of the time. I try to eat one cooked veggie and one raw veggie at dinner, as my grandfather taught me. But, I hate breakfast and there are only so many opportunities to eat throughout the day! Somehow, I always think of eating fruit as a summertime thing. I could eat raspberries and cream every day, but that would be expensive and fattening. One time here, there was a flood over the Smith Ave. bridge. Of course, our local news camera was there to watch the rain. State troopers were there, only letting people cross if it were an emergency. One lady said, "Yes! It's an emergency! I have a dinner party tonight and I have to get to Fresh Fields to buy fresh raspberries!" I swear, I was NOT this lady! But, I should have been...
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