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Discover Natural Nutrition For Athletes From One Who Relies on All Natural Foods for Energy

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:06am
Exercising today made me appreciate the value I have received from learning about the power of all natural foods, which has led me to the discovery of the highest quality natural nutrition for athletes.

When the thermostat reads 110 degrees in Phoenix, that’s when I put the mountain bike away and start hitting the pool to stay in shape. Today I swam a mile and felt really good doing it. At 46, I don’t know too many other men my age that can do that, and feel good afterwards, but I felt like I could do another mile.

With that level of physical exertion, I need the highest quality all natural foods that will provide the best nutrition for athletes without fat, calories and excess carbs. From October to June, you’d have a hard time convincing me to get off the mountain bike for a mile swim in the pool, but in the summer I’ll do anything to maintain the cardio conditioning needed for mountain biking. Swimming seems to be the only way to get the heart rate up fast enough without passing out in the heat. It’s great exercise, but it’s not that easy to swim a mile. The most effective nutrients are essential.

Of course, Olympic athletes swim 10 miles a day, but I’m just a regular guy who likes to stay healthy enough to really enjoy activities like cycling, tennis, hiking and snow skiing. If you like to do outdoor stuff, you know you need the best nutrition for athletes available today. The problem is that the all natural foods in the stores are devoid of real nutrition.

The artificial fertilizers used in abundance during the past century have rendered many of our all natural foods nutrient free. Farmers can grow big, green plants and bright red tomatoes that look good, but as the soil is depleted year after year, so are the nutrients. No amount of artificial fertilizer can recreate what nature made for us.

Recently a documentary was filmed about some scientists drilling holes in the Arctic Ice to dig down thousands of feet where they estimate the soil has been preserved for thousands of years. What they found is that the soil from ages past was so loaded with nutrients that our ancestors probably grew giant vegetables that were hundreds of times more nutrient dense than the food we eat today. Those were some serious all natural foods providing ample nutrition for athletes who had to stay fit just to survive.

One reason for the higher nutrient levels in fruits and vegetables of the past is that the oxygen levels in our atmosphere were much higher when the air was free of carbon monoxide. That fact alone may help you understand why the all natural foods in stores today is just not that great, even if it looks healthy. You will find better nutrition for athletes in advanced, nutrient dense, concentrated formulas that are not sold in stores.

So, how do you find this super food in today’s world? Look for all natural foods and health drink formulas that are made with only whole food ingredients. Additionally, try to find out how these formulas are processed. In most cases, powder formulas will be more valuable than bottled liquids. This is because of the lack of live enzymes in nutritional products that have already been activated by liquids.

The live enzymes are important catalysts for nutrients to get into your cells where they can provide the most benefits for you. Make sure the natural nutrition for athletes that you are buying is processed at lower temperatures and in such a way as to maintain the whole food structure of the plants used in the ingredients, so that the live enzymes are still there.

You can settle for less at the store, but it won’t get you the results that concentrated formulas will provide. Search the Internet for natural nutrition for athletes to find the highest quality all natural foods and health drinks being made today.
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