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Dirty Little Secret

Posted May 26 2010 12:00am

So today, I did something that I’m not proud of. After coming home tonight, I ate my weight in Ruffles chips. :-( I can blame it on a lot of things… hormones, stress levels, hunger, but truthfully, I don’t know what initiated it. For now, I’ll say that it all culminated in the perfect storm. I was feeling very stressed by the time I left work tonight, as well as hungry, tired, and emotional. I should have just gone home and eaten something and let myself relax, but instead, I went grocery shopping. (Note to self: don’t go food shopping when feeling hungry and emotional) Seeing the chips on sale was just too much. Normally, this shouldn’t be a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with buying chips. But there IS something wrong with eating more than half a bag in one sitting.

The Culprit

Emotional eating is the worst! I don’t know how my mind reasoned that eating something unhealthy could make me feel better. First off, junk food can only make me feel good in the moment – as soon as that moment is over, my body instantly doesn’t feel good. Secondly, in addition to all those other emotions I was feeling beforehand, I can now add guilt on to the list. Next time, I really need to avoid shopping on an empty stomach and also focus on doing/eating things that are going to make me feel better, not worse when I’m feeling down. It can be so easy to get caught up in destructive or defeating behavior. Tomorrow morning can not come fast enough now! I’m hoping the overstuffed feeling will be gone by then and I can go back to foods that actually make me feel better after I eat them.

The afternoon included an apple that I picked up from the cafeteria at work. It wasn’t the freshest fruit in the world and I didn’t have the best knife to cut it up with. So things got a little mushy, but the taste was still there!

As I mentioned above, I finally caved in and made a trip to the grocery store almost an entire week after I initially thought that I needed to go. I have a lot of thoughts about my food budgeting/buying habits and am going to save them for a separate post to come tomorrow. There are a few new characters in my regular cast of items, most notably, Lara bars! These are all over the blog world and I can’t wait to give them a shot!

Well bloggies, that’s all for tonight. I promise tomorrow will be filled with nurturing food that will make you feel just as good seeing it as I’m going to feel eating it! :-D

Does anyone else emotional eat? Please tell me I’m not the only one! How do you move on from it or prevent it?

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