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Dining Out?

Posted by Carrie S.

According to the National Restaurant Association most Americans eat out at least four times a week on average. Do you? If so, plan your order ahead of time to avoid a diet detour disaster. When ordering be sure to order dishes that have the words "steamed", "poached", "grilled", or "baked" as part of their description. Stay away from "fried", "sauteed", and "breaded".

Say Hola to Mexican Food! Say Si, si to grilled vegetable fajitas with a moderate amount of low-fat chicken, shrimp or beef. If possible, ask your waiter or waitress for whole black instead of refried beans. Whole beans will supply a healthy source of fiber along with vitamins and minerals. Choosing beans and chicken over beef and cheese is a great lower calorie option.

Enjoy a little bit of Italy! Think RED. In other words, stick to tomato-based sauces, like marinara, red clam, white and light wine or mushroom sauces. They're healthier! Try to moderate the amount of bread and butter before and during your meal. Ask your dining companion to help you avoid the bread by keeping the basket out of arm's reach.

So you think Chinese food is healthy? Think again. Watch out for peanuts, deep-fried and breaded items like sweet and sour chicken. Say yes to delicious teriyaki chicken or beef, steamed dumplings or roasted pork strips. Why not explore other vegetable and meat dishes for a healthy alternative? You can always ask for your dishes steamed with no oil or light oil. Ask for "light" soy sauce if you're watching your sodium levels.

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My kitchen is getting remodeled, so I have had to eat out a lot or frozen food. This is not a great situation for many reasons: I love to cook, going out to eat is no longer fun, and I've gained a few pounds since. Thanks for the great tips regarding Mexican, Italian, and Chinese food because these are the three I tend to lean towards most (also Thai). The statistic of eating out about four times a week is crazy! You should also post this under Activities, Dining out so others can read your great tips. Thanks!
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