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Digest - Breast Feeding, Pregnancy, Weight Watchers, Prostate Cancer, and Erectile Dysfunction

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:02pm

Broccoli Protects Against Prostate Cancer

Fievel is protecting his prostate.

Here are a few valuable articles that I didn’t think warranted a full write-up. Enjoy!

More girls than boys benefit from breastfeeding

For the study, investigators tracked responses to a first infection after birth and found that breast-fed girls were the least likely to be hospitalized with an acute respiratory disease. Only 6 percent (two of 31) of breast-fed girls had first infections severe enough to require hospitalization compared to 50 percent (12 out 24) of the non-breast-fed girls. There was virtually no difference in hospitalization for first infection in breast-fed versus non-breast-fed boys, with 18 percent from both the breast-fed and non-breast-fed groups developing severe respiratory infections. This pattern repeated itself throughout the first year of life and in subsequent infections, with breast-fed girls showing fewer complications and hospitalizations than both formula-fed girls and breast-fed and formula-fed boys. In the first year of life, formula-fed girls continued to have the highest risk for severe respiratory disease and hospitalization.

And from the “No Sh*t Sherlock!” file. -Poor Diet During Pregnancy May Have Long Term Impact On Child’s Health

…compared the offspring of rats fed a diet of processed junk food such as doughnuts, muffins, biscuits, crisps and sweets during pregnancy and lactation, and compared their offspring with those fed a healthy diet of regular feed. The offspring of the mothers fed junk food diets had raised levels of cholesterol as well as higher levels of triglycerides, a type of fat found in the bloodstream.

The researchers studied the rats beyond adolescence through to adulthood and observed that the rats were still fatter than those whose mothers had eaten a healthier diet whilst pregnant and breastfeeding…increased fat mass surrounding the kidneys relative to body mass; this so-called perirenal fat is also involved in the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Bad news for the Weight Watchers crowd wanting to be healthier -Weight Watchers vs. fitness centers

Participants who attended Weight Watchers for 12 weeks lost an average of 5 percent of their body weight, or about nine pounds. However…”Participants’ body fat percentage did not improve at all because they lost a much higher percentage than expected of lean tissue,” said Ball, MU Extension state fitness specialist. “It is advantageous to keep lean tissue because it is correlated with higher metabolism. Losing lean tissue often slows metabolism. What your body is made of is more important than what you weigh.”

The majority of other Weight Watcher studies had not considered body fat percentage change and only focused on body weight.

Granny was right; eat your broccoli. -Eating Broccoli May Keep Prostate Cancer Away

The results of the study suggested that relatively low amounts of cruciferous vegetables in the diet — a few portions per week — can have large effects on gene expression by changing cell signalling pathways. These signalling pathways are the routes by which information is transmitted through a molecular cascade which amplifies the signal to the nucleus of the cell where gene expression occurs.

Here are two more articles on sexual health for men:

Low Testosterone May Cause Health Problems That Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

“Erectile dysfunction is a portal into men’s health,” said the study’s senior author, Aksam Yassin, MD, PhD, of the Clinic for Urology and Andrology of the Segeberger Clinics in Norderstedt, Germany. “It is becoming clear that obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and erectile difficulties are intertwined, and a common denominator is testosterone deficiency.”

Erectile Dysfunction Lower In Men Who Have Intercourse More Often

The study clearly indicates that regular intercourse protects men from the development of erectile dysfunction, which may, in turn, impact general health and quality of life. The investigators advise clinicians to support the sexual activity of their patients.

Of course, there’s always the logical conclusion that men with ED don’t have sex more often because they have ED and not that sex is protecting the other men from having ED.

And finally, a must read from Go Animal:

Just do it, like whenever

If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth showing up on time and staying for the duration. Learning requires commitment. All the ancient masters knew this to be true; there was no drop-in training at the Shaolin temple, we can be sure of that.

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