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Dieting/Nutrition help on bulimia recovery book

Posted by Persea


I have suffered form Bulimia for 10 yrs. I have started theraphy a couple of times in the past but right now my economic situation is hard and I can't afford it. I was wondering ifany of you know about a book (self help) technical or a very useful one that can tell me how to treat my binges and help my recovery. As some of you may know, it is not about being fat or not, I just feel my body is so "spoiled" that sweets and food has become an adiction. I know I can manage that knowing what kind of food elementsreduce my anciety, and don't trigger the binges. Do you have any suggestion. Please, I really need to start working on that again, my health and my bank account are deintegrated, I will appreciate any recomendation.


Best for you alla, and thanks



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