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Diet success: experiment or planning?

Posted Jul 21 2012 3:33pm
In one of my previous posts I mentioned about how my induction diet looked. Now I think I’d be also starting daily meal planning, according to some quite simple but effective rules, that shall improve the effort of my diet. So, here is the plan - Fish in any form three times a week for its healthy fats (and because sweden is well known from good in quality an delicious fish products)
- At least 1.5 liters of fluid a day, mostly water.
- Coffee with cream only once a day (to release liver, so it can be burning fat instead of processing caffeine)
- More raw vegetables (v i t a m i n s!)- Coconut-fat for frying (as its the healthiest and most thermostable fat, that does not build fat tissue)- Jogging according to 10 week plan, when the weather is nice ...- ... and jumping rope when there is a need to stay at home- At least 7 hours of sleep. Another reason I may need planning is that my (stipend) budget is tight and grocery shopping are pretty expensive if u compare Sweden to Poland. Plus it makes sense now, as I am working and my schedule is consistent so I need prepare foods in advance... I believe that healthy meals do not come from the kitchen, those arise in the supermarket. I know already that what I choose to put in shopping cart can make or break my diet goals. This is not intended to be a source of additional stress in any way, just little help to focus on making smart and healthy shopping decisions... And sometimes a little experiment might be a great discovery, so as my totally freestyle yesterday's menu for example :)Breakfast: Egg-psyllium pancakes with chocolate sauce (cocoa powder, whey protein, mascarpone cheese, sweetener, hazelnut aroma) and whipped cream.Lunch: Cheesy, Beef and eggplant herbal casserole with green pesto.Dinner: Low carb 'buckwheat' ( soystuffing , beef broth, wheat brans, black sesame, sunflower and pumpkin kernels) with chopped sausage, red onion and chanterelle mushrooms. Any buckwheat fans among low carbers? This one taste like the real thing and even look like it! Recipe coming soon :)EDIT: I think I'll get my running shoes this Saturday!
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