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Diet Balancing after Eating Out.

Posted by Swati S.

I enjoy eating out occasionally, and of course, it does lead to some extra calories. Instead of having guilt pangs about it, a better way is to balance the eating-out in the next meal. For example, when I have pizza, I make sure I get a big portion of vegetables in the next meal and a bit of skin-less chicken. Similarly, if I have eaten a good amount of dessert, then I completely skip the sweet part in the next few meals.

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Yes, it is good to balance. If you know you are going to have dessert, maybe skip the bread. Did you have a rich potato soup? Maybe coffee with Splenda should round out your meal. Rich dressing on a salad? Make the entree light. This is not just good dieting strategy, it is also the gourmet's plan for a variety of food experiences. Creamy should be balanced by stringent. Heavy needs light. Hot need cold. Syrupy needs crunchy. So, don't think of it as deprivation, think of yourself as a true gourmet!
A true gourmet -hmmnnnnn- when you put it like that- it definitely makes it sound cool. Good choice of words!
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