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Did You Eat Your Veggies Today?

Posted Mar 09 2013 10:04pm

Remember growing up and having your mommy ask those famous words, ‘Did you eat all your veggies?’ I certainly do, but did she really know why veggies were so important?

We have been taught to have a variety of servings of fruits and vegetables daily, but why?

Well, did you know that fruits and vegetables are very high in antioxidants? Yes, that word again… antioxidants!

Antioxidants are not produced by our bodies but are necessary to remove toxins. Our bodies are attacked by toxins on a daily basis. The moment we wake up we are bombarded with toxins; from the air that we breathe to the foods that we eat. These toxins age us continuously and we must ingest antioxidants to slow down this process.

Antioxidants fight the free radicals produced by the toxins and keep us healthy. Antioxidants have been known to help with the aging process, and various other health concerns such as joint pain, cardiovascular disease, gum disease, skin irritations and so much more.

These wonderful little ‘soldiers’ better known as antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables and for those who do not consume enough of these wonderful foods, there are also many other products on the market today such as vitamins, drinks and dark chocolate.

So, have you eaten your veggies or fruits today to help attack those terrible toxins? If not, what are you waiting for?

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