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Posted by Jane N.

I’ll be honest, diabetes scares the heck out of me. With having a relative die of diabetes, I know that I could be more prone to developing diabetes. You can lose your eyesight, limbs or even go into a coma. All from one hormone called insulin. It astonishes me, and it’s treatable, yet so many people out there don’t know they have diabetes, or are on the brink.

A short background: Basically our body uses a lock and key system when it comes to glucose. When glucose enters the bloodstream, insulin is there to “unlock” the cell and let glucose in. Those with diabetes have a dysfunction with their insulin.

Type 1 is a complete loss of insulin due to the fact that the pancreas suddenly stops producing it. This type is insulin dependent because you have to get a source of insulin, usually injections, to function normally. Symptoms include:

• Weight loss

• Polydipsia (excessive thirst)

• Glycosuria (glucose in urine)

• Ketones in urine

Type 2 is the most common, but almost half of those who have it don’t know! Type 2 is when your body builds up an insulin resistance, causing high blood glucose. In most cases, glucose levels can be maintained through diet. The symptoms are much milder for Type 2 and are almost the same, except for weight gain instead of weight loss. Since they’re less noticeable, this is how millions go undiagnosed.

The onset of diabetes is often due to obesity and lack of exercise. The less you exercise and the more overweight you are, the more resistant your cells are to insulin. This is why Type 2 is now being seen in children; diabetes used to be seen mainly in people over 40. Our fast growing (and I don’t mean population) nation and fast food habit is catching up with us and our children.

How do you prevent diabetes?

• Know your history: Genetics plays a role in whether you’re more at risk

• Get your glucose levels tested: Normal levels for fasting are 70 to 110 mg/dL; higher levels may mean you have prediabetes.

• Keep weight down: Weight loss improves and reduces insulin resistance

• Exercise: Staying physically fit also improves insulin resistance and improves blood glucose control.

• Limit intake of sweets: Commit to eating all the food groups and reducing heavy dessert consumption.

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I've been a diabetic for a little over 7 years now, and it can get scary at times, but i've learned to live with it. I've been to a lot of classes on nutrition/diabetes and such, and i've seen quite a few diagnoses just overwhelmed or extremely frustrated or completely break down because of their new condition. I admit when I was first diagnosed it was kind of a shocker, but nothing to big, maybe because just about everyone in my family has diabetes and I kinda new a lot about the disease from the beginning. I urge anyone who thinks they have a slight risk of being a diabetic, please get tested. It helps. The earlier it is caught, the better, it may help improve the quality of life. If left uncaught and untreated it can get pretty severe, my brother went into ketoacidosis, and was one of the unlucky ones that was on the verge of a coma. If anyone needs any tips/tricks/ideas/personal information on diabetes management feel free to message or email me.

The best diabetes information on the net is at  The site is written and maintained by a woman who is diabetic, herself.  She was unhappy with her health and medical treatment so she started doing her own research.  



Hi guys,

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You really can live with diabetes and stay healthy! It's about making yourself a priority, managing your blood sugar and staying fit. Check out my blog about a great diabetes management program for women. The next week-long session starts April 19th. 

complications of diabetes to the public and diabetics is not very well known, or taken seriously!.. neuropathy in all forms is a life changing condtion, i am 34 and not able to work because i did not go and see a doctor and had undiagnosed diabetes for a number of years... my blog explains it all.... please dont ignore your diabetes you dont want to end up like me!!




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