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DHA supplements

Posted Sep 02 2009 5:31pm

100_0023 As you know,  there are very few supplements we take.  Most essential nutrients are more bio-available (your body can absorb them better), when taken with real food.

There is one supplement I make an exception for! That is DHA.

The benefits of having enough DHA:

  • DHA is essential for growth and functional development of the brain in infants.
  • DHA improves learning ability!  Something every mom wants for her kids!
  • A deficiency is associated with ADHD, depression, hostility, and aggression.
  • DHA has been shown to protect against dementia, inflammatory diseases.
  • Low levels are associated with Auto-immune diseases (which is the reason I began my research into DHA).  Our family has a history of ulcerative colitis, dry skin, hypothyroid, and asthma!

Where can we get it?  Most experts recommend 100-150 mg per day

  • Breast milk is high in DHA (My sister in law knew someone who made cookies with her own breast milk!! LOL- And then shared them with neighbors without telling them!  Not something I recommend!)
  • Algae
  • Seafood (a 3 oz serving of salmon has 600 mg)
  • Some eggs are now enriched with it.
  • Or supplementing. Which is why I bought a bottle of DHA at my health food store (a plant based source of DHA), and have been adding it to our smoothies.

So as you can see, this essential nutrient is tough to get in our typical diet. We don’t eat fish, algae, and I’m long past breastfeeding.  So I choose to supplement.  Who knows, maybe it will help them get into college someday!

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