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Developing food alergies

Posted by Lara I.

I recently broke out in hives after a bite of gluten. I eat gluten a lot, as I am vegetarian, and have never had this problem before. One of my friends, who is newly allergic to soy, told me that she thinks it was from eating too many soy products for so many years. Is it possible to develop a food allergy from having too much of it??? That sounds fishy to me. Anyone know?
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Second Opinions. I'd get a second opinion from a health/nutritionist. If you have eaten gluten before without adverse effects, why now? Stress might be a cause as well. Whatever is the cause make sure you handle it naturally. Good luck!
I agree..... I'd get a second opinion. If you've eaten products with gluten for such a long time, I would be surprised if that was the cause of it. Hives can come from so many different sources...I once got them from using a different laundry detergent. Think about your eating/cleaning/etc. habits lately and see if you've done anything differently.
Yes!. That's absolutely how we develop food allergies/sensitivities. It's physically impossible to have an allergic reaction to something the first time we encounter it, as an allergic reaction requires that the immune system "remembers" a given protein from past exposure. You can eat something everyday for 30 years and become sensitive to it out of the blue. I'd suggest looking into a food rotation diet and even doing some research on Celiac disease, as gluten intolerance can be one of the most hazardous allergies/sensitivities.
yup. I developed allergies to raw fruit when I was a young teenager, and my Celiac disease (gluten-intolerance) didn't manifest until I was 22. It didn't show up in my mom until she was 45. I used to be able to eat all fruits, and then one day my throat started closing up and I couldn't eat anything anymore.
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