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Posted May 13 2008 5:32pm

Even if you didn’t know anything about nutrition and you want to get your patients better, you would only need to focus on two things: Getting your patients off of processed and prepared foods (if it wasn’t available 10,000 years ago, or if it comes in a bottle, box or can—it probably isn’t good for you) and getting the toxins out of their bodies. These two things will help make most sick people better.

I would like to say something to the chiropractors out there. Some of the best healers I know are chiropractors. These folks are doctors who will learn anything and do anything to help a patient. There are, however, some chiropractors who are running a basic musculoskeletal practice who complain about insurance coverage shrinking and perhaps are not as busy as they would like to be.

These docs work hard to get their backache patients. They run ads, they go to street fairs, and some even offer discount coupons. Yet patients with allergies, asthma, colitis, thyroid problems, fatigue or other non-musculoskeletal complaint often are referred out. Some chiropractors feel that they cannot treat complaints other than back and neck pain, and their practices suffer—especially now that the insurance iceberg is melting.

Actually, getting chronically ill folks better will build a healthy practice. It will also create something that generates cash independent of insurance payments. You can detoxify your patients and get pretty good results with these and other complaints. Diet and detoxification is like hitting the reset button on the human body.

Detoxification is a great place to start. Enough people will get better that it will give you confidence. It will also create referrals. When you get someone who is sick and miserable better—they try to send you everyone they know. Treating a patient with nutrition is like deciding to walk from New York to LA. You don’t have to plot the exact course from the beginning—you just have to start to move Westward. Detoxification is a step in the right direction. It may get you all the way to LA. If it does not, you have time to come up with other approaches. At the very least, your adjustments will become more effective.

There are many kinds of detoxification programs. I will give the Biotics three step detoxification program a little plug here. Some practitioners reading this may prefer to do things differently—perhaps stressing alkalinity, fasting, or colon therapy. There are many ways to do detoxification. The thing that is good about the Biotics program is that it is easy—like following a road map. Also, patients can lead normal lives while following the program. It does not involve fasting or colonics.

I personally have had a good experience with it. One Thanksgiving one year I began to have terrible back pain. The pain went all the way into my foot and I could not do a heel walk or dorsiflex my foot. It was a holiday weekend—no docs around except for the ER. I began phase one of the detoxification. By Monday, I was out of pain.

I still had the drop foot. I went to a chiropractor and began to get adjusted— and I continued the detoxification. At the time I was running my practice and the practice of someone else who was in the hospital. I continued the detox, the adjustments and did some exercises and in six weeks I was able to do the heel walk. The pain was gone the whole time.

Some purists may like to do a detoxification differently, but there is value in a program that is easy to do and the patient can continue to work, lead a normal life and still stay on the program. Also, there is plenty of educational material and patient compliance is pretty good.

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