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Detox Lymph System to Fight Cellulite

Posted Feb 24 2011 7:26pm
All the cellulite cream and spa treatments in the world won't permanently erase those not-so-darling dimples on your derriere.  Some might give you a temporary fix, but only by getting to the root of the problem can you achieve more lasting results.

In addition to genetics, hormones, and weight gain, a key player in the development of cellulite is the lymphatic system, which supports all of the other systems in the body.  Lymph is a clear fluid that circulates throughout the body, bathing every cell and removing excess fluid, bacteria, dead blood cells, cancer cells and toxins.

Lymph doesn't flow through your body with a pump like blood. Instead, every move you make and every breath you take keeps it moving along.

Too much sitting, too many environmental toxins and too much stress can slow down the lymphatic system, resulting in an overload of fluids and toxins in the body, which collect in the pockets of fat around the thighs.  While combating cellulite may seem more about vanity, a healthy lymph system does more than diminish those dimples from the inside out, but it's critical for warding off disease and healing injuries.

To detoxify and keep your lymphatic system flowing try the following
1.  Take Deep Breaths Often
2.  Exercise (Include jump roping or rebounding for the up and down movement.)
3.  Massage Your Cellulite
4.  Get a Professional Lymph Drainage Massage
5.  Dry Brush Your Skin (Use a natural fiber brush, brushing from your extremities toward the heart.)
6.  Take Breaks From Sitting At Your Desk
7.  Eat Lots of Fiber (Load up on fruits, veggies, flaxseed, beans, etc. They latch onto toxins, hormones and fat to flush out them out of system.)
8.  Sweat (A good workout can do the trick or try a sauna or a shower steam)

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