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Detox Day

Posted Feb 27 2012 12:00am
joshua rosenthalJoshua Rosenthal, the founder of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, will bring his nutritional magic to this unprecedented weekend. Known for encouraging people to take action towards lofty goals, Joshua will rev your healthy engines so that you leave the conference excited to do the work you love, earn major income, and live a life of passion and prosperity!david wolfeDavid Wolfe, world authority on raw foods; author of best-selling books SuperfoodsNaked Chocolate and Eating for Beauty.mark sissonMark Sisson, founder of Primal Nutrition; publisher of the top-ranked health and fitness blog and author of the best-selling Primal Blueprint, a program based on concepts of Paleolithic nutrition and exercise.Stacey Morgenstern and Carey PetersStacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters, masterminds of Holistic MBA, a program that revolutionized business and marketing training for health coaches.paul pitchfordPaul Pitchford, pioneer of whole foods nutrition; author of mega best seller: Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition.geneen rothGeneen Roth is a pioneer in distinguishing the link between our emotions and hunger. She has appeared as an expert in her field on Oprah, NBC and 20/20 and is an author of nine books, including the New York Times Bestsellers Women, Food and God and When Food Is Love.John Robbins, international best-selling author, activist and spokesperson on healthy eating, sustainability, peace and well-being.julia rossJulia Ross, pioneer in nutritional psychotherapy, food/mood expert and author of The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure.Gary TaubesGary Taubes, American science writer exposing controversial beliefs in nutrition and health and author of Why We Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories.Eric BarronEric Barron, personal branding and business development expert, coaches and motivates his clients to maximize “customer connectivity”.Seane Corn, internationally celebrated yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching.
Good Afternoon and Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good start to the week.  We had a great weekend and I am happy to report that I successfully painted the Hallway and love the way it turned out.  The one thing that I did not share with you was that my husband was out of town this weekend so this hallway project will be a little surprise to him. I believe I mentioned this before.... but I drive him a little nuts with my home improvement projects and especially paint.  So I used his absence to have a little fun and hope that he likes the way it turned out:)   He will be home soon and I will let you know the outcome!

I think everyone needs a little red in their home and I just couldn't pull the trigger on the orange paint color... just yet. 

Anyhow, I woke up feeling like a real "porker" today and need to drop a few lbs and fast.  We are on our way to Long Beach, CA this week for the I nstitute for Integrative Nutrition Mega Conference and I can't wait!  

Check out the speaker line-up.  Have I told you how much I love the Institute for Integrative Nutrition lately?
We will be bringing the best and brightest speakers to inspire you to shine!
I plan to come back from this experience fully charged and ready to share everything I have learned.  I can't wait.  Not to mention, that I am a little excited for a little sunshine and warm weather as well.  

Okay, so back to my pigginess.  I have thoroughly been enjoying my Chocolate Avocado Icebox Pie but have to tell you that it is high in calories and since no one else was eating it I was getting way to much of my share.  I actually had to throw it away because it was haunting me knowing that it was in the house and how absolutely scrumptious it is, and how I could not seem to resist a nightly piece. So sad.  So now that that little episode is over I need to shrink back down and get back into my lean mean fighting machine shape.  Thus a day of clean eating was in order and no dessert is in the mix for me today.  Horror.... I know!

One of my clients asked me if I had any detox -de-bloating foods to recommend for her and I gave her my usual suspects- Ginger Tea, Cantaloupe, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Lemon Water, Lemon Water, Lemon Water:) Anyhow, I was in desperate need of a detox today and remembered seeing a fabulous recipe for Detox Salad on my favorite vegan blogger- Angela Liddon's Oh She Glows site.  I have actually had this Detox Salad at Whole Foods before and Angela was inspired by the same salad so this next recipe goes out to Tammy. 

 Detox Salad

recipe adapted by Oh She Glows and Whole Foods
I had to make a few changes to Angela's recipe because I did not have 1 cup of currants so used a mix of currants, dried cherries and dried golden berries (which are super tart) and added a nice contrast to the crunchy salad.  This salad is a keeper and so super easy to make.  I also bought some Pacific Wakame, (dried seaweed). Wakame is extremely beneficial in helping maintain the alkaline/acid balance necessary for a healthy human body.
Yield: 10 cups 
2 heads broccoli (1 bunch), stems removed 1 head cauliflower, stems removed 2.5 cups shredded carrots 1/2 cup sunflower seeds 1/4 cup currants 1/4 cup dried cherries 1/4 cup dried goldenberries 1/2 cup finely chopped fresh parsley juice of 2 fresh lemons sea salt,+ pepper to taste  Pacific Wakame, to taste I used about 1/4 cup and sprinkled in the salad Pure maple syrup, to drizzle on before serving
1. In a food processor, process the broccoli (no stems) until fine. Add into large bowl. 2. Now process the cauliflower (no stems) until fine and add into bowl. Do the same with the carrots. 3. Stir in the sunflower seeds, currants, dried cherries, and parsley. Add lemon juice and seasonings to taste. 4. Drizzle with maple syrup to taste.

I really like the taste of this and can't wait to add it to soups and other salads.  I could even see sprinkling this on oatmeal if you were to make a savory version.  Hmm.... might just have to try that.

This salad is truly delicious and super filling.  It makes a ton so I will be eating it all week long. Actually, I think I will drop by a few containers for some of my clients.  I really think they are going to like it and I don't think I can eat all of it by myself.  Good idea!

So the other clean eats I had today were:

Banana Sunflower Oats
1/2 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 1/2 cup water 1 tbsp Salba (white chia seeds) 1/2 banana, sliced dash of cinnamon
Combine the above ingredients in a small pot and cook over medium heat for 4-5 minutes.  Spend the last minute stirring the oats vigorously until the banana breaks down and incorporated into the oats.  This is my favorite way to make oats.  Remove from heat and pour oat mixture into bowl.
Top with:
Remaining 1/2 banana, sliced 1 tbsp sunflower seeds
I also had two glasses of warm lemon water along with 2 tablets of Chlorella and Spirulina.
After I dropped the kids off at school,  Gumbo (my dog) and I headed out for a long run on this glorious day.  It was beautiful and sunny and still a little brisk.  We ran for an hour and 20 minutes and then headed home to get ready to train a client.  I am so blessed to have the best clients in the world.  I truly enjoy working with each and every one of you and you make my life very full of joy.  Thank you.
Lunch was:
Egg and Avocado English Muffin Sandwich
1 Ezekiel English Muffin, toasted 1 egg, fried 3 slices of avocado, mashed
Simple yet delicious.

A day of good eats but I admit I am having a hankering for a little something sweet..... I will have an apple with cinnamon and see if that does the trick.  A little more lemon water and tea will also hit the spot.
Okay, the kids and I are off to watch The Bachelor.  I know..... I am a wonderful mother who lets their kids watch this trash but I use it as a learning tool and we have had all sorts of interesting conversations that have come from watching The Bachelor.  Ha!
Have a great night!

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