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Desperate times, desperate measures

Posted Feb 19 2009 6:20pm
A couple of nights ago, I was thumbing through one of my Cooking Light cookbooks and came across some tips for getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Naturally, I read it – because, you know, I find these things to be endlessly fascinating. One of the tips was to cut up an apple into your tuna salad. Yeah. Like I’m EVER going to do that. Ick.

I didn’t give it any more thought until yesterday morning when I was making a tuna sandwich for my lunch and plopped in way too much Miracle Whip. Shoot. Now what? I was trying to decide whether I should dump it (no way, tuna costs too much) or add more tuna (no way, tuna costs too much) when I remembered the apple tip. Suddenly, it didn’t sound quite so disgusting. And I had an apple (Red Delicious). And I was desperate. So I peeled it and diced it and threw it in there. Then I prayed.

Guess what? It was the best freakin’ tuna salad I have ever had! I don’t think I’ll ever eat tuna salad again unless there’s an apple in there. So this taught me a valuable lesson: I should never prejudge a food-related idea without trying it first.

Nah, not really. I will still prejudge; I just felt I should say that.

But it DID make me wonder what everyone else does to dress up tuna. The only thing I’ve ever put in it, prior to this big apple discovery, was relish. What do you put in yours?

(Oh, and PS: The Sensa is here. Finally. I'll update this weekend.)
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