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Denises Daily Dozen The Easy Every Day Program to Lose Up to 12 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Posted Oct 03 2010 8:32am

Denises Daily Dozen The Easy Every Day Program to Lose Up to 12 Pounds in 2 Weeks

From Denise Austin comes the perfect health book for anyone who wants to live better but just can’t seem to find the time. Much more than just another excercise book, Denise’s Daily Dozen covers a whole range of health and diet related concepts yet manages it all in a no-stress, time-conscious program of 12’s. At it’s core, this book contains the minimum daily requirements to keep the reader flexible, strong and trim. Organized simply into seven chapters, which equal the seven days of the week, it covers a full week in daily allotments. Each day will have it’s own focus from Monday being “fat burning day” to Sunday’s “recharge and rejuvenate.”

Denise has created a total body program, including a 7-day balanced meal plan that includes healthy recipes, and a workout that encompasses 12 exercises done in 12 minutes each day. Everyone can take just 12 minutes, at whatever time of the day works for them, and turn it over to these simple and fun exercises. Cardio, toning, yoga and breathing exercises…they’re all here but in a way the maximizes effect while minimizing time.

Beyond a dozen exercises for each day of the week this book will include many other of Denises dozens for each day.

4 Stars Good concept, but not easy to apply and editting is sloppy
I have enjoyed Denise Austin products in the past, so expected to have a similar experience this time.

I’m just finishing up week 2, with 6 lbs of weight loss. For the most part, I have found the meals to be very tasty and surprisingly filling, even on the low calorie count days. My husband has been surprised at that as well, and has been particularly shocked when he was satisfied with vegetarian meals. However, there are problems.

*The 12 exercises do NOT take just 12 minutes to do because you have to spend nearly that much time trying to figure out what it is that you need to be doing, especially when you are instructed to do two contradictory things with the same leg or arm (the problem is that one direction should have applied the left leg, and the other to the right, but both said the same leg). It would have been helpful for the book to come with a DVD demo-ing the exercises rather than just having the pictures and written instructions.

*Several of the recipes call for products that do not appear to be available in my area–ground chicken, Irish oatmeal, Amy’s Vegetarian Bean Soup to name a couple.

*Some of the recipes obviously have missing ingredients–for example a “Turkey Pecan Salad” that has no pecans in the ingredients list.

*Sometimes different products are used when there doesn’t seem to be a good reason. For example, why “whole grain” bread one day and “sprouted grain bread” the next?

*Several times “tortillas” are used, but no further information is given about them. My preferred brand of tortilla comes in an 8″ and a 10″ version. The 8″ tortilla is 100 calories and the 10″ tortilla is 200 calories, so there is a significant difference between the two.

I would also mention that as a person with Celiac disease, I would love to see Denise offer an on-line supplement with suggestions for substitutes when gluten containing products are used.

5 Stars love the book
I’m in this book every day. The recipes are wonderful and I’ve lost eight lbs in two and a half weeks. Don’t do the exercises because both my hips are replaced but I’m doing 30 min of walking each day.

I tried to find out what her long range plan is after the three weeks but her website requires you join at $3.00 a week.

2 Stars Denise’s Daily Dozen
The book has good information, but it just isn’t user friendly. I wish I had bought the video instead.Iwas so anxious to get the book, and when it came I realized I would have been able to follow the exercise programs on video better. Also, the Weight Watcher’s eating program is easier to follow. Denise is great, so I wish her the best and hope she will revise this and maybe even include a video with the book.

4 Stars Denise’s Daily Dozen
This book is typical Denise–solid nutrition in easy to follow menus, along with easy to do exercise routines. The book’s organization is a little different–it has Monday’s menus and workouts for 3 weeks, then Tuesday, etc….and when you get through Sunday the first week you turn back to Monday and follow the second week’s plan. It took me a while to “get” that; but after that I found it easy enough to follow. My health care professional has since had me cut out gluten, so the menus are not so appropriate for me now; but over all it’s a good exercise and diet plan.

5 Stars Denise’s Daily Dozen
I love Denise Austin and this book is gonna help me lose weight but also get me healthy too. Denise’s book looks really easy to read and her diets are easy to follow. I will enjoy following her advice and will be on my way to a healthier body.

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