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Denise Austin Best Belly Fat Blasters

Posted May 06 2010 8:05am

Denise Austin Best Belly Fat Blasters

Reshape that tummy with the Denise Austin Best Belly Fat Blasters DVD. This video features seven of Denise’s favorite workouts from a selection of her best-selling DVDs.

3 Stars belly blasters again
although I liked all of the workouts I did not realize it was a repeat of several old DVD’s all put together for the abs. I already had these same workouts on previously purchased DVDs and did not see anything new.

5 Stars Denise Austin: Best Belly Fat-Blasters
I bought this dvd to switch up my workout routine. I really enjoy the 10-15 min. workouts because they aren’t so long that I get bored with them, but I also work out enough to feel the burn. I usually add these to some treadmill running or another workout dvd. I’m satisfied with my purchase and anyone that’s looking for some short exercises for daily workouts, this is perfect to work your abs!

5 Stars Great work out tape
This is a great purchase. Just by doing one work out session 10 minutes a day for a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that my stomach is getting flatter!

5 Stars Quick, but effective
This is a great video with several workouts for quick, effective stomach exercises. Denise always targets just where I need it and although this doesn’t replace my regular workouts, it is a great supplement. Good for quick target toning.

2 Stars 20 minuites duration only
I purchased this DVD looking for variety of Abs workout, I was very dissapointed!

The different segments are not actually different they are mostly the same excersizes but with different atmosphere and background !

I was surprised as to how commercial this DVD is! The actual duration I would say is maybe 15 minuites in total, all excersizes are repeated.

I do not recommend this DVD. It’s no value for money.

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