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Deja vu?

Posted Jul 30 2009 12:00am

Well the rest of the day went well, but just like yesterday I was hungry all day. I think today I was so hungry because I ran so long this morning. For lunch I just had my leftovers from dinner last night.

006 - Copy (8)

Look familiar? Salmon , turnips, green beans, and a little organic brown rice.

That held me for quite a while actually. Later in the afternoon I had a few strawberries and some quality Yogi tea. I really like this flavor because it smells like cinnamon, and has a little spiciness thanks to the cinnamon.

009 - Copy (6)
013 - Copy (4)

Since I was working late today I decided to bring my dinner to work. I find that if I schedule my meals I don’t over eat because I never let myself get too hungry.

For dinner I had a whole wheat tortilla with a small slice of cheese, deli meat ham, tons of kale, and hot sauce. This combination was AWESOME. I have really started to love kale. It is such a healthy vegetable (isn’t it one of the superfoods?), and it gives my sandwiches so much more character then lettuce. The hot sauce was just the “umph” the sandwich needed.

015 - Copy (4)

I really need to invest in some red pepper flakes. I like my food spicy sometimes, but hot sauce tends to have too much salt, and I try to stay away from eating too much salt. I found this one to be rather lean on the salt, and it has a nice taste. But I would still like to get red pepper flakes soon!

014 - Copy (4)

One of the other perks of my job is that we sell artisanal cheeses, gourmet crackers, and some charcuterie as well as other gourmet treats. Just seeing this everyday makes my stomach grumble.

025 (2)
026 (2)

At the store I am in charge of picking out the cheeses, and sometimes I like to test taste them. The cheese I chose for my wrap tonight was one of my favorites. It is Istara P’tite Basque.

027 (2)

This cheese is from the Basque region in France and has one of the most unique flavors of any cheese I have tasted. A hard cheese with a creamy texture, a little sweetness, and a touch of nuttiness. Not too stinky, and perfect for any occasion. It’s a tad expensive, but it soooo delicious! I could probably eat the whole wheel(its a tiny wheel).

After my dinner I needed something sweet. I ate some strawberries and blueberries along with a Cliff Z Bar.

017 - Copy
022 (2)

These are geared towards kids, but I love them because they only have 120 calories and it is the perfect amount of sweetness I need. It is just like eating a brownie for me. I am a HUGE fan. And they are healthy! An added bonus!

023 (2)

When I got home I still had a hankering for something so Chris (my boyfriend) and I split some French desserts and a tiny chocolate. (not pictured) Probably not the best choice, but Oh so good! Now I’m off to finish watching So You Think You Can Dance! GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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