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Deep in Thought

Posted Mar 29 2013 2:00pm

It seems that every month during a specific time, I find myself in deep thought.  Not sure if it is just a way for me to rest and stop for a moment, but it certainly helps put my life in perspective.  Every month I think of something else in my life and all that I am thankful for.  This particular time I thought about my family, but more specifically my children.

With age, I’ve come to realize that material items are not as important as I thought they once were. Long ago, I didn’t seem to have a care in the world. If I felt like going shopping, I would. If I wanted a new purse or shoes, I would go out and get them. I admit that one of my guilty pleasures is purchasing a killer pair of shoes. However, now it’s not so much a ‘want’ or ‘must have’ instead it’s something that I ponder before indulging and treat myself on occasion rather than every weekend.

When it came to purchasing items for my children, again, I didn’t care if they ‘needed’ them; instead I searched for what I ‘wanted’ them to own instead of stepping back and thinking. Was I teaching them lessons or bad habits? Was I teaching them the important and value of the dollar? Again, I admit that I was not thinking. Some may have labeled me a ‘shopaholic‘ and I very well may have been. But I’m proud to say those days are now in past and merely a foolish memory.

I have come to realize the importance of my family and how short of a time we have on this earth.  We should make every moment the best that we can.  There are times when difficult situations will arise and affect our feelings, but again that is all part of learning and growing.  You never stop learning and I am a wonderful example of that.  I have countless years of schooling and yet everyday I learn something new.  The best part is that I also learn from my children.

While deep in thought I surrender myself to my heavenly Father and I feel a sense of relief.  Yes, relief, because having Him in my life, I can rest assured that all will be well.  I have also taught my children and continue to teach them that without the Lord we are lost souls.  I teach them daily because the peer pressure and the media tends to poison their minds.  God has entrusted me as a parent to protect my children when they are young and to teach and trust that I have taught them responsibility as well as morals to take with them when they as they grow.

As I sit in ponder I realize how truly blessed I am and how very grateful I am to have a wonderful family, loving husband, incredible friends as well as my health. I’ve learned that we must hold on to our family values and pray that what we are doing what is the best we can do in God’s eyes.  

One of the many lessons I teach my children as well as clients is to be faithful and never, ever give up. Faith and strength are extremely important and it is what will keep you focused when challenged with difficult moments in your lives. It’s important to be thankful and grateful for each and every day you have, never take for granted what has been given to you because it can truly disappear in a blink of an eye. 

Wishing you all a truly blessed day!


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